TAKE THE POLL: Is spying on your kids okay? A-Rod spies on his with a bogus Instagram account

Navigating your child's well-being when it comes to social media is one of the many nightmares parents face today. Alex Rodriguez has figured out one way to handle it that works for him. Since his daughters won't let him follow them, he checks out what they're posting by using a phony Instagram...
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theater seats


Dwayne Johnson is the highest earning male actor of the year
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This is potentially HUGE news for Marvel fans

As you probably know, Marvel doesn't own the film rights to the character . . . Sony does. But several years ago, the two studios made a deal to SHARE Spider-Man, so they could make him part of the MCU. And he became a HUGE part of it. But Marvel wanted a bigger piece of the pie, Sony said no, and...
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Jon Bon Jovi took a very long plane ride to hug a fan with breast cancer

This pretty face also has a heart of gold. A woman named Nett Sedan has struggled with cancer for a very long time and earlier this summer she shared this message on social media: “I want you to help me realize my oldest dream, to meet the idol of my youth. When I was 10, I was madly in love with [...
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Have you ever cried at work? 80% have If you've ever shed a tear at work, dry your eyes, you're not alone. And it may be way more common than you think. According to a report, 8 out of 10 people admit to having cried at work. What is it that brings these on the job tears? 45% blamed bosses and...
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beach vacation


The unofficial end of summer is fast approaching and so is your last chance to take a summer vacation. Of course, that assumes that you do. Many don't. According to Inc. almost half of American's are skipping their summer vacations. 60% of those surveyed say they can't afford to go. 23% aren't...
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TAKE THE POLL: Does a woman still need to change her name after marriage? Katharine McPhee is changing hers

Remember when Phoebe wanted to change her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock after she married Mike? Changing your name is a big deal and most women understand this. In the past several years we've seen a rise in the number of women deciding to keep their maiden names after marriage. But they...
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Earth911's iRecycle App is Back to Basics

Earth911 recently released a new version of their iRecycle app in the Apple App Store & Google Play. The Good Green Word is iRecycle has gone back to basics making it easier for you to find what you need for successful Green Livining in the ATX area. Making it easier for you to help Austin...
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Kelly Ripa's advice on when to get your child a phone is a game changer

Kelly Ripa is speaking from solid experience on this one so if you're wondering when to get your child a phone, you need to hear what Kelly has to say. Her advice is sound; she says you should hold off for as long as you can because once they get that phone, their grades will go down. And here's...
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How many times did you go to Target last year? Because Britney went 80 times

It's a weird thing to know and if you stop and think about you're probably spending more time at Target than you feel comfortable admitting. But it IS an easy store to do that in. Every time I want to pick up just a few things I end up with way more good stuff in my cart! Because of financial...
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