Wonderful New Life for Old CDs turned into Beautiful Art Sculptures

Look how one artist takes #OldCDs that are thrown away, and turns them into beautiful works of #Art. #DontTossIt #TurnItIntoArt #1Thing
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If you're always groggy in the mornings, you might need to get more sleep. OR, you might just need to make this simple change to your alarm . . .

If you're still using an old-fashioned alarm, you're in the minority.
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Want to Save Money on Valentine's Day???

This might be a tough sell to your significant other, but maybe the SMART way to celebrate Valentine's Day is . . .
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Community Heart

Creating Big Green Love by Volunteering for the ATX Community

There are many ways to show Big Green Love for the ATX community. Thanks to DO512 Voluneering for the Environment section. Other volunteer opps to check into too.
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Want a butt that's so tight you can bounce a quarter off it?

Something called the "coefficient of restitution," or COR, measures how well an object will bounce off a surface. It's measured on a scale of 0 to 1 . . . if something gets a "1," it means an object will bounce off it perfectly.
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I don't know if this would up my self-esteem or send it into an even deeper spiral .

A Restaurant Will Seat Single People in Front of a Mirror on Valentine's Day ???
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scientific formula

A scientific formula that allegedly determines beauty???

We're always hearing about the "Golden Ratio" . . . and how you can supposedly use it to determine how attractive someone is. Someone's always applying it to celebrity faces to decide who's the fairest of them all.
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If you try to make a reservation but wind up getting shut out, try this!

If you want the best chance of getting the time you want at the restaurant you want.
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Someone noticed Jimmy Garappolo is the spitting image of Tyrone Power and now we can't unsee it

It started with an expert in sexy took a look at the Super Bowl game and noticed something very interesting about Jimmy Garappolo" My grandma saw Jimmy G and said “oh my god that’s Tyrone Power!” So I googled Tyrone Power and -- — Molly Knight (@molly_knight) February 3,...
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Is today the worst Monday of the YEAR ?

Most people agree Mondays are the worst day of the week. But according to a new poll, today is the worst Monday of the YEAR . . .
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