P!nk just had to take some photos when she stopped at Buc-ees with the fam & we know why

Stars are just like us. Take 'em to a Buc-cee's and they will love it. Talk to a Texan about Buc-cee's and you'll hear a level of passion that is perplexing, especially when you realize they're talking about a place where you can get some gas and a snack. It's an experience one has to have before...
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Austin Couple Celebrates Engagement with "Office Space" inspired Photo

Congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement! Take a look at their "Office Space" inspired engagement pic. Like many Austinites, this couple is clearly a fan of the work place cult comedy starring Ron Livingston and they obviously have a sense of humor. Scooter jam! Austin couple takes '...
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Unicorn Dessert

What is a Unicorn Dessert?

We do love to take pictures of our food! Heck, I took a picture of a doughnut just this morning. It was a particularly photogenic "Homer Simpson," but even a doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles doesn't come close to the Insta-worthy-ness of a Unicorn Dessert. What is a Unicorn Dessert?...
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A Doughnut Inspired Shoe? I'll Take a Dozen

This is the sweet spot where your shoe and doughnut obsession collide! Is that just me? My ideal breakfast is a taco chased with a doughnut (or three) while wearing running shoes. When I saw that Saucony and Dunkin' had teamed up to release a sneaker, I was moe than a little curious. Now that I've...
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The Dog Friendliest Cities in North America

Austin is very dog friendly and has been for a long time. Dogs have been legally allowed on restaurant patios in Austin since 2006. There are dog parks all over Central Texas and many apartment communities offer one as an amenity to residents. Austin loves our dogs and we take them everywhere! It's...
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Could the K-Cup do for Cocktails what it did for Coffee?

Cocktail bars are fun! Garage, The Roosevelt Room and Small Victory are some downtown Austin favorites, but at 14 dollars a drink it can get pricey. One solution to limiting Midnight Cowboy's impact on your ability to make rent might be mixing your own at home. But at-home cocktails require dozens...
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3 Reasons Why Springtime is the Best Time

Happy first day of Spring! The days are longer, the weather nicer and the traffic moving a little faster. At least it is this week while the kids are on spring break, enjoy it while it lasts. Here are three reasons why Springtime is the best time in Texas! A post shared by john m zenor (@johnmzenor...
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Could Pretty Woman be made in 2019?

Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts, is a classic! It's got everything that a rom-com should have (Richard Gere). It's fun, funny, sweet. It's well written, directed and acted. But, in spite of the happy ending, it's also got some underlying themes that a film (and stars) this big may not be able...
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Who is the sexiest of the fellas who have graced the "Sexiest Man Alive" cover?

Easy decision? Not so fast. You really have to get a good look at all the covers to compare them properly. So Ranker asked users to do exactly that --- have a look-see and rate the sexiest one. So far, of all the covers dating back to 1985, Ryan Reynolds' cover is at the top of the list. If you're...
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Fleetwood Mac on stage

Why did Lindsey Buckingham Really Leave Fleetwood Mac This Time?

Fleetwood Mac has been fueding within the band for years. Decades. Maybe even generations! In the past they've been able to overcome their diffences and get back to work, only to see it all fall apart again. And again. And again. That's what happened last year. But why? What caused the most recent...
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