The $12,000 Workday Payday

Majic 95.5 is back to better music for a better workday and back to The $12,000 Workday Payday ! It’s your opportunity to grab a grand 12 times every weekday! Because, we know that while you might “technically” work 8 hours a day… you’ve got other jobs that are off the clock. So, whatever you’re...
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Gender Wars- Rudy's

Listen to Majic 95.5, Monday, December 31st, Wednesday, January 2nd, Thursday, January 3rd, and Friday, January 4th for your chance to play Gender Wars with Ryan. He'll give you the cue to call in each weekday at 7:30am and you could win a $50 Rudy's gift card. Founded in the 1800s by Max Aue, Leon...
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