Juliet Chats with Cast Members of Newsies

Thursday, September 29th

Juliet sat down with cast members of the Broadway smash hit musical, Newsies.


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So those. Dream was teasing and dance onstage and get paid anyone and his family all of all the cars are every single wanna yes. So how hard was it to get here. And I mean. Being an actor and an answer takes a lot of preparation and training enjoyed a lot of us have been getting a sense of very young and students to get to this point. Oh I don't I only started dancing when I was nine but I made I think they're kinda knew all along that it was something that I really wanted to do my tank. I had I had a love for it from a young age. Had you had you seen somebody perform and like that was the inspiration preempt my first part ratio was planking actually I was six another Disney Channel. And I and I ever from now when I was like. All right this is exactly and on and you and I had a classes dancing mainly but come. I saw you know everything hasn't been singing and dancing as a alike and all of that. Yes and you look yourself Josh I can do this yeah. One day hopefully he can't Nikko and you wish your inspiration. Do you like Michael Jackson might not only little quiet I would be sitting in the cars see and I'd be dancing and makers of like oh how this. Did has rhythm I don't know where it came from but let's. Put in the dance class of the comedian class in and say every time Michael Jackson song come lies to serve dancing and I think just seeing. I think all of us that we all thought these very young and missing boy's dance and yeah and active something that we all. Politically we can do this is taught trying to do this now so yeah did you think specifically about news Evander do you think I wanna be announced on and. Yeah growing up I mean but I want my sister damn things here in New York had dance competitions and is always trying to finalized her and the found. I was gonna save my thing is like I don't think true love can be forced. Like each year born to do this you're not and mine. It was physically I think I saw that kind of Whitney to I bought the Michael history. The Michael Jackson's history part one throughout my grammar and I couldn't stop dancing Tim Graham I couldn't stop. And I hadn't seen anyone doing anything it was just in mean just like most artists like you're having differ painting of gazette so late. It just delighted me everything was like this is where your gifts are and that's what kind of. Kept mean it would really have to deal like that though because. You have to have the passion at such a competitive industry not yet. We have total of four because you can't. He is the kind of business we can't expect constant like reinforcement and yourself from other people you have to be strong enough in yourself ten. Push yourself and not. You winning another some someone else to tell you you're doing a great job kind of asking you to DSL started oftentimes I'm not. It is it is so I guess south and that's in Australia now and any intent on don't we all struggle with yes I do you know that after Qantas. So now to varying degrees I guess. In need of some people who are narcissistic or confidential and. I actually I we are at. Different story now and it. So Josh on are you making your debut with this national tour near zero I am actually thinking what is that like. It's been that. It's it's early in the Molina during this past years. I graduate from high school when he fourteen MM. Sister got to college men I ain't got offered new season doesn't know. Bypass of this thank Carol opportunities so I think that's not on the show since then. And I am learning so much from everybody and it's Aussie fell like. I thought it needs universities it's like it's an. Learning experience and self Sony amazing cast members and crew members in the. It's been a dream things off start out as the zoo keeper we have an elephant in the show and he took care of that. And then ever this time and Kelly today and countless and in Manhattan and desire dollars and of those detonated at an hour and it's yeah its eleventh tales. I'm an eighteen animals and sent it do you think your anger. College Slater. At some point come rain I'm Candace might this exciting. Time comic element of I junior cannot listen. That icy college stuff in the future that's about it. Yeah it's so fun I highly recommend it totally separate you all live in New York then. Yes of agro based in New York a guy that threw me prevent. And where you based on California oh OK I went through I'm Anthony overbay went to UCLA side did de LA life for about seven years and my MTV and stuff so yeah that sounds like it was will be challenging in hectic Tim yes yeah hectic. And I guess I mean can you be based anywhere near your spending most of your arm performance left on the road if you're on tour right yeah well. I think you definitely have to either be based in New York or Adelaide. To. I find the jobs like that's where that's really additions are and that's where dead dead dead dead at the base of the industry is in the networking connections and everything RS that's where it's. That's where it's the most. Helpful to be in that house right yeah okay. If you're just joining us I'm having a chat with Josh Burr ridge Andrew Wilson Ian young and Nikko dejesus who are all performing in new c.s at bass classic halter October 2. So let's talk about this show. On how actually I think one of the things that I. Love about the show is that it was inspired by real life events you and I want people realize that like I don't know if it's talked about a lot but I thought the Republicans in the building that were like oh really got with a faint. Yeah for sure. About how then. It's it's based on did the news boy straight and 1899 cities boy is that worked for I just have Pulitzer is I'm world newspaper in New York. He decided that he needed to make some more money on the bottom line of the paper 'cause the war ended so his circulation went way down so his way of doing that was by raising the price that the boys bought the newspaper ad. From fifty cents per hundred papers to sixty cents per hundred papers. We have remember that this is how those boys made their living in May they every every penny to them was. Food for them and their family so when he raised the price they couldn't they couldn't support themselves and FM anymore so they found. That they could band together and I'll come together. In form a union and go on strike against him in his paper. And they ended up winning and then amazing how old when you say boys how old were these boys. From very unlike him talking like four and five even my wanted a little boys would do it up to like seventeen backed out. How well unlike grad I must have been quite a thing yeah I can't imagine held on to the strike last Dina. Two and a half weeks you know. OK so not lying consider Jake went down to DC up to Providence Boston and not all the eastern corridor at the northeastern corridor has so many amazing packed entertainment hurry yes and there I was saying in the name here earlier that I am you know this is time with no social media obviously 299. And so for its spread that quickly. And to that degree is really amazing. Sure testament to these four is and they can they sort of art. Responsible for starting a hotel labor movement nine this is like one of the very first things that spurred bat and in the country and at. Started. Showed. That the terrible conditions at these boys ranked number eight under was a spotlight for the for oh yeah yeah Andy this is great because everybody knows he doesn't Pulitzer is an area but nobody knows who these these are and ripping up the show that we kind of give these boys. Like a fake their voice yeah almost in the slightest just important for shark out William Randolph Hearst. Yeah I haven't had a little back and directly involved with breast it's also important and tip went out our show doesn't do this but I'm one in every ten news he's wasn't girl. Let me know how to just saying so we had killed 10% bracket yeah. Undying. Possible and now it's interesting I didn't actually know that. That's. That's kind of fascinating little piece Szczerbiak incident this sounds to me like for somebody has never seen the easiest. Are they gonna come out feeling inspired is an uplifting. Oh it's so different definitely. I think if anything it Errol give people with some confidence in a voice. Made it and have always before are now. I think what you believe feeling inspired and just happy to Disney show. But I feel good. Sailing in it seems like a good metaphor for anyone's life actually a group. Our fans of the show are called fans he's an area gonna say teriyaki. And I mean let's get real respect most people they get involved and feeder somehow are kind of off the beaten path like we all are really unique individuals. Whether you're in Constantin make up for anything like you you have a unique identity usually found in high school you know. And so our show because it represents these kids who had such a special quality to them and didn't realize that. This show and also just logistically about Russia is a huge Disney saw the movie was is ballots one of the worst box office bombs ever. But to have this cult following kept going and it won a 2000 love Tony award going to come on fox and winning Allen Mankins person only Tony went on. Our composer anyway. The fans I feel like are just kind of like thoughts wake. These young kids across America. Across the good the world and we have fans from all across the world to. Actually really connect with this piece of you know maybe they have a struggle and airline for maybe they believe in something in there in a town where it's really hard to express. And this show totally gives voice to that. They're called the fans he's now and their amazing it's very sad for us to leave the show 'cause. They've become part of our lives I mean we see there's kids who on their own that there is a lake fifteen. Will bank their parents to like save up money for a year and mills don't drive like ten hours we decry the trip ten hours a comes our show really hurt him off from Ireland meanwhile it's in my the first show that's really small we're not overly creative or not a book of Mormon where show that it's a very. You know eclectic group reveal that really know our show. And love it and separate entity that fervent and that support about it. Speaks to what the show is about wanting to any time. People they don't know about the show come to see to show they leave going how are they not know about this account and I'm not in late. This it's such it late it's a David and Goliath story and it's. It's not it's it's not just a kids show like it's so. Adults come and their like this. Energy in the dancing onstage is like. When I'd rejoined the tour I was blown away like watching the show again like I had seen it sometimes but like. It's such a it's such a special show to watch tennis it's it's it's really cool truly powerful. There are such sums does it really grippy like and you're just reminding me in I had seen an interview ages ago with Chris Martin from Coldplay talking about Kung Fu panda and how really inspired. Yeah obviously watch against Kenseth. You make a great point that parents you know Jay you're the whole family together get tickets go see news is that bass concert hall but it's not just for the kids there's something really great that adults can take away and use in their lives. And this show really is for those people who think musical theater. As for a certain group of people. It is one of the most masculine chose. The set is amazing the dancing is all guys doing back flips and tap dancing is very. He didn't like the ballet musicals here in a summit is there hidden behind this aesthetic. That is so boyfriend only. Do male friendly. Girlfriend like every one can truly come and it's a Disney musicals so you know it's going to be family friendly ray it has Allen Mankins Timmons who wrote Little Mermaid be in the beast Aladdin says a really catchy stuff. But it's under play because like you said in 1992 and cannot it was a huge flop so you're gonna hear these accessible maladies. Even heard before you're gonna be like I want that CD owing to watch that movie flag and then you're gonna be seeing your little six year old boy watching kids his age. Dancing in the streets of New York in the living going. I want as I wanna dance I wanna do that's why you know. Since Byron great great show for truly everyone even if Kevin Hearn and it. It's very various thoughts outstanding. Is it would you say one of your favorite shows to perform a manner. Yeah yeah yeah I'm that I'm the dance captain and swing meaning I offstage cover eighteen people on the show. So. It's always an adventure every time I go on its one event. Eighteen Rawls I get to go on for so I was it keep it rationally fine where not to hit r.s 760. Shallow slow performance sell for me I have this really great task can watch the show. And also getting to perform a wide variety of roles so it's really a great opportunity. I mean and I now and the is these guys cal OSHA an amazing. So already gets along well. Yes it's seltzer and we we were really special family at that that the show and it's it sounds so cliche to call it a family like the cast but we are. Really a family at this step there's no sense to me yes it's it's is something about to show that brings people together. In the cast images become really really close to elevate some many good points about the show is there anything else that you want people to now. If they're thinking about buying tickets to go unseen sees. It's a must CNN we close October 2 that's that's it so most of this is their last seen her left hand yeah. You guys are also in good eyebrow apron and then there's no more after con man all and it's hard in 2011. In this some crazy excitement and then Peter this week for all totally. Mike cramped up and jacked up to it is less success this summer clearly the best time to C news' Z yeah. It was he had an emotional time at home where god almighty god I'm so inspired and feeling like a little responsible thing how glad I mean I was on case whose photograph that I column this couple of pencils and this enabled at this is it this is your best chance to go see museum is at bot bass concert hall until October 2. But really it's just here until October 2 like he can't see it after October 2. The good tickets are now at Broadway in Austin dot com Josh Andrew EN and that Niko thanks for being here and sharing so openly. I'm I'm very jazzed for your final performances thanks for your demands that India.