More Cost Is Correct FUN on MAJIC with Ryan!

Friday, January 13th

Will the Next Contestant havae a shot at COME ON DOWN???


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Out on magic 955. Robin welcome to the cost is correct. Okay sell price is right live is coming to town march 9 at DH UD center now to win your way and we're gonna play a game it's the the high low game and did I use three products you left to tell me which one need is higher than a dollar plus lower. Then two dollars OK okay. At first item is ranch style beans the second is Liddy crispy sauerkraut. An item number three is Captain Crunch cereal are panic Elliott says our. The Libby crispy sauerkraut Quebec do you think that's over a dollar. But under two dollars type skills and the actual retail price is a dollar 78 you're a good. Patients. Think I guess so yeah. The price is right live how exciting is that it's very exciting my radar plane out of that it brought back what's your favorite game on the price is right. And it probably blink tell what about the you'll learn about one find that I. Oh yeah. We go straight because you just walk away with tons of cash and yet about what station once you come on there.