More Fun Trivia! Can You guess the answer to Today's Q&A with Ryan?

Friday, January 13th

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Music for a better word day imagine 9557. It's Ryan we've got some showers depending where you are looks like we'll see downtown high near eighty today. DA and light rain downtown now it's time for your Q and I remember for a shot thank you and it happens every weekday morning. At 645. Today's question what do you 42%. Of dog owners. Use their pets at the photo four or 5126435955. Is my number what's your yes I think it would be okay. How would you do that just curious. You can see. What are you people are doppler. Ed. The odds. But the auto and there you go here he got up about it appears to benefit people that are out there. Do you have a dog quite certain as it got a new girlfriend. A big kid got a date. That's a good guess it's not the right into the body art thank you dad loved magic daddy's eyes eyes. My guess is they use it can act. President profile that you get to date yeah. They're killing me today I bet they're the last guys that same day you. And I what is your name I am Margaret from. Are great you're just over thinking and says the last Carey just gotta give you another guess okay. Let's see. How does that give you. Use your dogs photo of the trying get a guy. Don't know I would be in her wit I Don maybe didn't show that I met at a. Oh lover I can't believe this the last guy they called and is probably your soul mate I'll give you another gas what is it. I have to say they're screened favorite baby on your phone like you every time you get pitchers on Monday. Or maybe even a computer. What's your dog's name I have yeah I think any update at do you have dogs have FaceBook page is now enough. I can't figure out that it's either. Did you know 11% of people. Actually have created FaceBook page is for their pads like 42%. To use them as their screen savers on the at all. Desktop your big winner. Congratulations you're going to the movies. I thought this was an appropriate question because you've got Forte gets you a dog's purpose that's gone on at the galaxy high land on January 24 can brats. I can't think you know. Let's say you suddenly need to see your doctor. You're feeling under the weather are you have a bug she can't seem to shake and worse and maybe your child.