Ryan Interview w/ Mama Mia! Cast Member

Friday, January 27th


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Lexus Broadway in Austin and presented by Texas performing arts brings mamma Mia the smash hit musical to best concert hall. This weekend tickets start at 35 dollars. And are available right now at Broadway in Austin dot com mamma Mia is one of the most successful musicals of all time. The aide to longest running Broadway Show in history and one of only five musicals to have run for more than ten years. On Broadway let me welcome our gas Marco Warren's who will be playing the part of bill one of the dads in question you've got a big weekend ahead of via yeah added we can trichet is here and asked and I can't wait mark mama Mir has been seen by over sixty million people worldwide. In fifty productions in sixteen different languages. What makes this musical so special. Yeah I think there are two big reasons for that the first is out as music it's installed check it takes people to at a time and place that was happy then it's happy music the second as the creative team. We on it's a daughter and we get to make the show our own every year so it's a different sense even if you see nominee has six or seven times before seeing it this week and it's gonna be like a whole new production and how how does that happen that way. On it happens because I I do they homered as an actor IA before rehearsals I figure out who make characters are played the last stand in mind you wanted to potential fathers. And so I go into the rehearsal room. And a lot of broadly shows it's it's very formulaic where its sat like there is like the funny guy and there's the straight man there is you know the character girl dish show. It it doesn't matter we gets we get to create and bring if you've seen I. Other bill Austin I'm completely different I'm Mike a short squat fact guy. Looks like a bill Austin's you're like six foot in my career Tinny packs like it doesn't matter how he gets a kind of do whenever we went into it to screw it let's talk to the people that. Are familiar chair with mamma Mia high end and tell me about your character tell me a little bit about the story line awesome. Mamiya is about a young woman named Sophie who was raised by her mother Donna Dave run it to burn up on a small Greek islands. So he has always been curious about who her father is so she swiped her mother's diary she finds out that it's between three potential man. Says she were my second she swiped her mom style she's dead yet she steals her mom's diary and she beat set Spanish taboo it's very tough gal gas. Think he's not supposed to but she does. Arm she's very inquisitive child she. Find dozens into the potential spot men and she invites them to her wedding. As Don are her mother so we show up to the wedding thinking Don invited us when really it was Sophie. And with the help of others greatest hits comedy and drama. And sue in all inspired by the music of Bob I mean you're going to be hearing everything from dancing queen to take a chance on me I mean all of these. The smash hits from one of the most iconic pop bands of all time Roland yeah. I mean that music is just. Scott a lasting power like canola early which she when such. A good move out of it spans generations and ID and we have people from eight to eighty every night in my gap I mean and everyone connects with that it's it's crazy what would you tell to people. My wife didn't loves musicals. And she's. Had to. I lecture dragged me. On on occasion I want to resist to go I get back and every single time I wanna go on why don't we do this more often. This suspect this is so much fine what would you say to people that that are familiar with these live presentations. What would you say that it is. To get them not to come and see yeah a. A there's nothing like the immediacy of live entertainment. Other story unfolding in happening right in front of Theo and the cool thing about feeder is every show you see is different there's no shell that is a light. So you can seem to be it's the same movie everytime I go see a show three or four times in search noticed different things or maybe. You know a character has a different intention that night. So it's it's different every night and it's Blakey said they can win once you leave your like cash I don't know it's it's incredible to see like performance just. It'll be very nerve wracking though I mean what if you would if you forget a line or or somebody else forgets a line in each is it must throw everything out a lack is anything like that ever happened yet. Own judge I mean flowed Blake pulled it so happens but we trust each other onstage as actors so I trust the person Amman up acting opposite with onstage that if I mess up birthday messed up. They're gonna be there to pick me up and carrying out. Don't miss it mama me 2 nights at 8 o'clock at bass concert hall to the shows tomorrow. At 2 PM and 8 o'clock rate it tomorrow at times to an 822 and 8 tomorrow and 8 o'clock tonight yes. I though the reason I I love this musical is it's a great escape the show. It's you get to. Check all of your worries all your problems out the door sinner room with hundreds of other people for two and a half hours forgave your life have a good time people are. Where bullets to the show they were tiara as their dancing in the aisles they're singing along it's truly an event as unlike any theatrical event you ever been to in your life for more information about mamma Mia you can go TU mama dash Miette dot com. Get your tickets now they started 35 dollars and available at Broadway in Austin. Dot com march corns thanks so much for joining us have a great show tonight and that is so much for inviting me it's been a pleasure.