Ryan's Happy Ending

Thursday, February 2nd

Play along and see if you can guess what movie this is.


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Intel you know. I didn't give you look laugh. Okay. All right it's 840 on magic 955 your shot at a thousand box with a fourteen were detaining is coming up in twenty minutes a JPEG heat you wanna go see fifty shades darker right yes I do we're gonna play Ryan's happy ending a minute describe a happy ending to a popular movie if you can tell me what it is. You'll get to go see fifty shades darker and you get to spots that are pre party till. Oh man this that they came okay are you ready I'll try you sound so stressed out take even supposed to do. I didn't go for it really seems you're gonna nail it OK okay you watch movies online I do you put I've I would give titles and being picked up by. It made me. Peggy Peggy Peggy tonight. And I know how to breast Peggy. I can't answer we got out. At the end of this movie that troubles perform at the nationals. Their new lead singers and then she didn't nerdy guy that they used to make fun of pushy nails it. Then the bell is get on stage next. There wearing outfits that were a lot Schiffer nobody had ever seen him dressed like this before and they get a whole new mix of full upbeat songs from the audience to judges loved. Every single bad event each of the girls were featured in the performance. They get off stage and it backtracked immediately runs to Jesse. And they kiss. Right there in the middle of the audience it was sold romantic. Peggy what movie in my describing TO. I hit it perfect. What a tremendous move. Yes it and I have both of. Yeah one and 21 and a gift I love that book everything that comes out of that Amy's mouth is absolutely priceless. Yes it is it is funny thank you. License bureau winner you've guy a pair of tickets to our special screening of fifty shades stark words going on Wednesday. Next week at the regal gateway and you and a friend get to join us at our big pre party PDAs installment. Oh wow. That's awesome and thank you very much. What station takes you to the stars. Magic 95 viable but hey.