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Q: What do you do to make sure you start the day right?
A: I set three alarms! I get up at 3:30 so I like to make sure I have a backup in case I nod off. Although my dog Jerni wakes me without failure every morning by sticking her nose right against my face. It's really funny to open my eyes and see her staring at cute!

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I'm a sauce guy! The more sauce the better. Extra sauce is a must no matter what. Chicken wings, pasta, BBQ, I gotta have the sauce!

Q: What’s your favorite item in your house?
A: I have this old school Hamilton Beach milkshake maker that I got from my grandma. This thing is the best and I make a killer malt! Thicker the better!

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own and what's your favorite pair?
A: I only have but maybe three pairs that I actually wear. My thing is I like to name them. Currently my favorite pair I call Bed of Roses because they look like something Jon Bon Jovi would sport in a video.

Q: What is your ideal weekend?
A: Spending time outside with my wife for sure. We love to camp, watch movies and grill out!

Q: What are your three favorite movies?
A: Okay, this is a tough question so I'm gonna just name what comes to my mind first. Lethal Weapen has always been one of my favorits but then again I do like a good chick flick as well. I'm a bit of a softy and liked The Notebook. Anchorman is always a good one too!

Q: When you have a movie made about you, what will the title be?
A: Well I always thought "I Married Caller Nine" would be a great name for a movie but it doesn't apply in my case. :)

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