Sheryl Stewart


M-F 6a-12n

Hi! I'm Sheryl. 

I'm a runner who hates running but loves good food. I literally go the extra mile for tacos.
I'm a hiker who will climb and crawl through anything to get a "wow" shot for Instagram.
I'm "Mom" to a grown daughter, Aimee, and cat-mom to a high maintenance Maine Coon, named Nestor.
I love to shop, especially for clothes, candles, and cooking gadgets.
I love to travel. Hawaii is my happy place, but I've also been know to plan entire trips to random cities, just to eat really good food (lookin' at you, Charleston, SC)
I am convinced that I need a tiny house/bar in my backyard and an entire closet for my shoes (thanks a lot, HGTV!)
I love documentaries and learning about everything, especially people.
I fell off a skateboard on my last day as a tv reporter and to date, millions of people have watched it and laughed at me. It's ok, though. I love laughing and I love making others laugh.
I love music and great conversation. Join me for both, weekday mornings!