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Saturday, April 14th


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740 and Alexander raised playing for the ladies today good morning Sandra and parents aren't did you get a good night's sleep. Now you're gonna have to get yourself a cup of coffee we've got your friend Justin on the other line hi you doing today. I'm good read Harry beard doing phenomenal thank you for asking by the way Justin. You each get three pop culture trivia questions best out of three wins. And you each have one screw so if you get stumped on a question you can pass it over to your opponent if they get it wrong you get to point a tank right arm. Today is a Friday the thirteenth special edition of gender wars all about fifty shades of gray Cassandra question number one. What's the name of Christine Grey's helicopter. Charlie tango Charlie fox trot or Charlie echo. Yeah Charlie Rangel is right and that's the point for the ladies question number one for the guys this is going to be fun. What color. Private room does Christian grey have in his home the blue room at the rec room or the green room. Read the red room where all the magic happens to Sander question to. Where does anesthesia work. At the beginning of the film a hardware store a grocery store or at Six Flags fiesta Texas. Growth. Quick to answer is a hardware store no points for the ladies still a tie game Justin question number two. Where do Christian and and a have their first kiss Christians apartment an elevator or in the potato chip pile at the grocery store. I. Elevator. Are you sure you don't wanna go with the dictatorship time. But it it in there probably wouldn't be derided. Elevator is the right that's another point for the guys Cassandra you have to get this right if you wanna stay in the game what does and I call her old decrepit bolts wagon big Bertha Herbie or Wanda spoke not as. Using the screw this goes to you adjusting for the win the. What does and a call her old decrepit Volkswagen. Big Bertha Herbie or Wanda. Arm. Big barrier where correct answer is one. And that's a point for the ladies. I sit ups. Last questioning guys Justin if you get this right you win the game if you get it wrong. We go to the tiebreaker what does Chris Jean Grey use quite frequently. As his email sign off leaders Davey catch on the flip side. Or until next time cupcake. Triggered error earned permanent career correct answer is leaders. Baby. Tied to name one tiebreaker question. First to shout out their gender answered correctly wins the game are you ready. Spell the word cats. Hey if he'd ever ever. When all is. Harder than it and it's been an example where he quickly does tie breakers just and.