Gender Wars Big Bang

Tuesday, July 3rd

KALEY CUOCO married equestrian Karl Cook on Saturday.  Celebrity guests included her "Big Bang Theory"co-stars Johnny Galecki and Mayim Bialik.

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37 on magic 955. At some lean on is playing the gender wars for the ladies take 2 morning it you're Aaron did you wonderful weekend. Yeah it pets a lot AG a family in town honored third do you and your brother in law always sleep under the same roof. It. It was a legitimate question we got together in law yet wherever it may we've got Ramey on the phone how do I and Grammy yeah. I'm doing great so guys there was a big banks to our wedding this past Saturday so we've got a special edition of gender wars with questions all about Big Bang theories Caylee cocoa OK Norah. And we did yeah we had three questions you may be surprised best of three wins remember you each have a screw you can pass one question tier opponent if they get it wrong. You could point ready to play. Towards Selena first question is yours actress Caylee cocoa plays the daughter. All of actor William Shatner in what national discount travel company commercial. It it it. Now right here. Cracked the answer is price mine were. Well actually it's a good thing you didn't because they think brining you the answer great idea yeah anybody's game Renny question number one for you what Big Bang theory co started Caylee secretly dates for two years in real life. Our own giant wrecking Johnny collect heat who plays Leonard is absolutely right that point for the us. Did you know that nobody even knew about that relationship until it was over I didn't now. Yeah out there liked us runs out he was actually at the wedding over the weekend a support for the guys guys in the league you need a point here a tie the game Selena question to. What sport has Caylee played since she was three years old softball tennis or soccer fan are actually issues are really good tennis player. Has dome a boy ladies. You can win the game if you get this question right Ramey worker but figuring out what. Fictional super hero did he lead deet for only ten days before she married tennis star Ryan sweeting. Was it Superman Spiderman or the whole. And woke her cancer was Superman. Henry table the man of steel still anybody's game question number three you really need this Selena. What was her character's name on the Big Bang theory. See I don't know anything about this so I'm gonna at that is screw whatever that is. Okay used in the screw this goes to you Ramey for the wind what was key least character's name on the Big Bang theory. Sorry our record Kroger hurts me. A right to bear. Penny of good penny. Penny. And then. That's a point ladies. Won all four the win. Ramey where did K Lee's character work as a waitress on the sitcom dubbed Big Bang theory. And me. You know there's going to be blank and I. Again I'm pregnant didn't receive each also would chatters correct answers to Cheesecake Factory and Larry if you would have users gruel and won the game are good thing in my ever see your age and Cheryl whether. Pretty close OK guys one tiebreaker question first to shout out their gender. And answer correctly wins the game are you ready will finish the popular phrase find a penny pick it up and all. You know there aren't that they go all in the eighties went. To the world that Selena with the huge comeback today trying to stay. Don't you know that race I mean whoever who work. I definitely put. Cellini yet one box to you and these frozen custard way to go bad something it who's your home gender wars met many are.