Gender Wars - Geoff Not Into Jonas Bros

Monday, August 13th

Another win for the guys today.....even if Geoff is NOT a Jonas Brothers fan.

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41 now on magic 955 cloudy and 78 expect a high near 94 today Cheryl is claims and worse for the latest today good morning good morning how was your weekend. Did you survive the the rain. Give it. It came down that's part of it is the. Oh well yeah the he had the rain can do crazy things especially to my hair so I'm I'm Gretchen did you say that's a factor at play Jeff today good morning just how would your weekend. Hey my weekend was Smart grid actual work always deadline. Enough. I'll crack and a tank. Let's play gender wars and and put some good vibes out there you each get three pop culture trivia questions best out of three wins and you know whichever ones so you can pass one question to your opponent. And if they get it wrong you get the point ready to apply. First question is yours. And. Which book series was turned into a movie franchise starring Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson and Rupert current. Harry Potter is right. Ladies are on the board one nothing first question for the guys Jeff which of the following TV shows is is spin off of the mega hit shell. Breaking bad better calls all or Battle Creek. Are better called salt. Also corrects tie game one all question to for the ladies. What is the character shelled in his last name on the hit TV show the Big Bang theory. Out at sea. Content outlet pass Matt. Use in this group is just a joke what is shell and last name on the Big Bang theory. You can't get. Correct answer is Sheldon Cooper and that support columns. Carrara. Could use of the screw up two to one question to for the guys which Jonas brother fronts the band's DNC EGO what nick or Kevin. I'm gonna have passed that one. Use in this group not a Jonas Brothers fan share I'll be which Jonas brother fronts today and DN CEO Joseph nick or cabin. I get things may. Correct answer is gel. Ties the game to Walt final question for the ladies Cheryl Jim dear darling and lady are all characters from what Walt Disney Phil. City. You know I want to in early in the trailer. It is lady and the tramp and that is a perfect game for the ladies through its newest is score you have to get this question Jeff if you wanna stay in the game the characters Adori dar a La and marlin are from what 2003. Walt Disney film. Finding Nemo Orion. This fixture act and game is tied it one tie breaker question. And up first to shout out their gender an answer correctly takes it all are you ready. Yeah in the nursery rhyme itsy bitsy spider. Where the itsy bitsy spider climb up. Jeff. I believe I'm. What are all he climbed our waters. And do it but but but it could. Yeah climbing couple water fault not necessarily. The water spout hate sit just another win for the guys went down. Who's your home of gender wars. And I are. For your chance to get contestant on.