Gender Wars Sibling Edition

Tuesday, August 7th

Ginny Knows how to Push Her Broth's buttons!

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Coming up at 8 o'clock. Another chance for eagle and a thousand dollars in the truck came work dictating. Today I mentioned many. It's time for another round of gender wars Jenny is playing for the ladies today morning MRK I'm so sites we have a sibling rivalry for gender worse today. We did you know and a proper for back copy and how are you guys competitive do you like feel like in competition with your brother all the time. What we're on our way of all right Paul are you ready to take your sister down yet. Are. You reached at three pop culture trivia questions best of three wins remember you each have a secrecy can pass when questioned your opponent if you don't know it and they don't know what you get the point. Are you right. Jenny first question is yours. Sargent Martin Riggs and sergeant Roger rumor Tom were characters played by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Into what's action movie film series. My parents had a theory. There was floor of the thumb. And they were pardon they were sergeants. Listen to who all. Edge is exactly or maybe cracked. Your car modern pop. Pop culture is pop culture she wants the passage to you Paul Sargent Marc Rich. Sergeant rod humor top were characters played by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and what's action film series. Is that lethal weapon it is lethal weapon and that's a polite expert at its. It's one nothing and guys are in the lead tremendous movies on pay. So. One day I have a dream of living in a camper like Mel Gibson did and lethal weapon I'm gonna make that happen. Question one for you Paul Dana TV series that made the character doctor Derek shepherd famous. Well now now. I'm not gonna get an idea eats it easier for everybody. Just wanna Lego or are you gonna give her the point. So it's I'm I'm allowed. Screw you can use discourage you can just say hey I don't know it's up TO. You are right now and Ginny. Mean TV series that may be character doctor Derek shepherd and Grey's Anatomy is right. You're the lead collecting guy she's the Grey's Anatomy. Want all. Question number two genie in the movie Willy Wonka what was inside the candy bars if you found it you gained entrance into the chocolate factory urban. Well golden ticket is right. I soon you'll live listen to you your question was easy to Paul. Here's your chance to tie the game question to you for the guys what actor played the Wear wool Jacob black in the twilight films series. I don't know his name in news the shark boy hit. And. Yeah I can't take shark boy is that your final answer. You know that's been Democrat. Have to be my final answer with that sheet and Google it what you recommend it to. Taylor liner was these. There are I didn't ballot there ladies are in the lead. You to watch twilight movies Sunday night Paul now that. Since. That's a non negotiable we do not they should twilight maybe it's just seeing that twilight is not a girl are. I'm Matt. Paul your sister really knows how to push your buttons. Yeah. And Janie here's your final question if you get this right to gamers are Billie Joseph Armstrong is the guitarist slash singer who co founded what punk band. Terrorists actually here I don't have any idea. Correct answer is Green Day. In tillage on our on our. Front man for Green Day. Still to the line to tie the game and go into sudden death Paul. This singer songwriter retained known for her song hips don't lie and also spent time as a coach on the boys who issued. But I need to know that because of the Spanish speakers whether I'm I've link on like speed he's blinking Ginny Shah. On though I like now on and you're out here. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh Mara. A tag on me to give one tiebreaker question remember the first person to shout out their gender and answer correctly wins the game are you guys ready. Named Peter Pan has tiny pixie friend. About it. Are you blame for the ladies tell all. Late late at night and the public or the urge our Internet. Yes I did he give it to see anyway that's too funny. Guys women. Bob I'm Rory. What happened to you Jenny going you know who tinker dollars. Yeah but I would it came up out of out of. She should check him out boat copied about slap my. Paul for ultimate car wash is from palm's car wash. These have the works to give your car that this afternoon pop Hoosier Helmut gender wars. For your chance to be a contestant on gender.