Juliet and The School of Rock Interview

Wednesday, February 14th


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So you have been here before like so is there someplace in Austin you're really looking forward eating or have you done already. Well I love towards she's an onsite kind of Leggett Texas chain deal but I lose torch tour she's she is as a main thing financing key. Yeah didn't shoot the torch is is amazing and I don't think describing it as a Texas chain really slowly encompasses how amazing. You have been in this case scenario. Yeah the best case. It didn't visit. Yeah and it's a really it's otherworldly. Xperia S and people he's never been to taxes and Ghana towards she's won not understand it until they experience I had an eagle on the cast like one by one figuring it out. I wasn't lying and Nike should go there. Is it hard to eat like toward cheese but still be fit for your work he absolutely. Could hit the edge there we go through lake. Ups and downs on tour where like it'll be really cold snow and they'll go out and lanky get a couple winter pounds diamond. But the company ice pastry jam for us and that when I get to go on as do the ads again huge work out. Thank you for being so honest about that so many people say the whole thing you know it's all about balance and I moderates like it has treats and that it's not hard. Because she's a cactus. As we all struggle without a little bit and I and I think that's okay yeah yeah yeah. And so you're performing in school of rock. And Hoosier character. I am an understudy for the lead do we which is Jack Black played the role in the movie. Most of the time on like a parent and teacher and stuff but everyone slide it to go on and run around in scream and yell at kids and it's and it's really blast. This a particularly. Fun. Show I mean. It's mean I'm very attracted to him because it has all of my favorite aspects of Hollywood's. You know like it's chests. Pure escapism I think MS Stanley right. Yeah you have we have we have twelve kids in the show on stage every night ourselves. They all play instruments live. On stage and it's it's really inspiring for everyone who comes the show there's a couple of the kids in our tool lawyer saw school Iraq on Broadway. And relaxed I wanna do that. And ended up figuring out like how to get an audition and a manager and then ended up. Being here on the tour now is really cool. Super inspiring yeah it's how would await Alexi your dream and reached for it at school so for people who don't know share at the you know brief synopsis of what school for it's all about the sugar was based on Jack Black movie which cannot in early 2000 I think is Eric and let. I we added budget Andrew Lloyd Webber's songs which is really cool. But the general plot line is is this kind of schlopy. Dude. Who lives with his. Say college roommate they've been roommates for forever and he doesn't have a job any campaign Iran and he gets kicked out of his band. And has remain as an assistant and it is a substitute teacher. And his roommate gets a call. To go into this fancy school to be a substitute but do millions of answering the call and pretends to be him. Instead it's going to school to teach to get money to pay rent. And then it just kind of snowballs into a giant avalanche of lies how does this affect their relationship is remains. It's a really existing part of that showed us the way that that there relationship evolves and and when they find out at the end and it's it's really going to have a a crazy dynamic as the net is is always kind of liken charity quiet guy. And his girlfriend lives with them as well and she's very can currently control weighing in and make in charge of everything. And when you think about the actual circumstances she's the only one in the shadows actually like. Right. Out front right and yeah but it in the context of the show she is she's kind of a raft person to do it was just kind of attack Iran yet yet she's she's a tie it and now. Just wants to make sure everything gets stunned by the book and do is the exact opposite of that. So watching add her boyfriend and his roommate character deal with those both sides of this life this is actually. A and then what's the impact that Dewey has on the tests. It's it's. It's really just kind of inspiring to see. The kids' lives completely changed on every night I get to play one of their parents. And McCain's whole storyline kind of start soft as the parents don't listen and then I've never won it. Pay attention to bear lakes and interest or whatever they wanna do it sol. By the book and doing your parents say to do an in your dreams are cannon and man. And then do the comes in and to these kids' lives and gives them an opportunity to be themselves and and and explore whatever they wanna do. And that's really than the main story is is seen the kids' journey from. Being stifled in. Not having any choice to head to being able to follow their dreams and their parents realize that transient he pitches. School much so cool do you wish you had a teacher like that when you're in school I did ask him and you ask you what is her that you had more than. I'm from outside of Philadelphia. And it's canny. Illegals fly us live from him as being weak fuss is the ball I love it and now I never really realize it until I left and it. Well that's what had a fast rate you get used to play season and then he you know when I get to get a cool places like Constance that is that is cool so did you know only am that you wanted to be here performer. I always kind of saying in and did church choir in and played instruments and Adam a punk band in high school. But I went to college and went to Penn State for animal science. Well not exactly related center currently mails and say it penmen halfway through eyes and changed majors to theater discuss it started hanging out with all the theater people and seeing what they are doing now is like. 96. Due to fewer initially going to be as it is the governor's gallery got a vet school like we're gonna exotic animals and do training and all that kind of stuff. And a minor in science very cool completely missed the tournament at schools and a what is your parents think about this shifts to allow. It to about an hour and I heard yeah I had to do a double major throw Lyle and announce like ham dinner. Trap the post split it into place. It is right as I data. They just wanted to make sure that I was. A 100% committed. Said to the lifestyle music is it's it's it's a weird business yeah. I'm but I have been extremely lucky. In that I've been working. Pretty consistently since I graduated which is really really some. And I am really thankful for my teachers and my transferred for support well that is something because a lot of people down get. Work straight out of college how to that manifests for you. My first job was American idiot which I came through here on the tour that Islam. And I went to an open call when I was a junior in college for that and got all the way to final call backs didn't end up getting it. And then after I graduated I just kept emailing me casting an active being an acute for need people you are giving you feed her. So and in the next GA and ended up getting that assignment to SCANA. Snowball for now so you're hoping that somebody was gonna have to drop out or they organ dad people I knew that but that's sports network for your industry right plague yeah. You know it's. People we have all the time for is somebody gets a better job or somebody wants a different jobs so it's. You're working with all different kinds of people from different blocks alive so you never really know what's happened. Isn't it because I think most of the sort of assume that all the the characters in a Broadway Show are contractually obligated for the run of OSHA. Yet while you are. But it depends like you know on on Broadway a lot of people end up getting a TV show on though you go for a couple months there. If you book a giant movie here's something though. It really depends on the show it at all and the job and okay. As a great ones I'm probably not gunning for. But that's excellent well that's a great feeling to be like this is right where wannabe had its next. What do you think is. Maybe the biggest lifestyle challenge that you face in the job the handling him. I think this is finding a routine is tired. When you're in a different place every week. All the other tours I'd done where. Like one or two days in a city and here we're at least a week in every city which is. A little more settling for army. But it's hard to just you know you don't have like your coffee shop via an everyday you don't have any restaurant scene nine. And everybody you know on the CD is the people that you work it. So I can get a little. Repetitive but. Not repetitive at the same time our own but it's really unique and it's really fine and I get to see all these different places and. It's exciting it's exciting say mentioned earlier you don't actually have like. Even a crash pad and hit you don't have like a studio apartment in New York it has some of your stuff not so that has a very and then grounding I had just Caroline attitude suitcases. Luckily my parents have been nice enough to let me store some staff at their house in Pennsylvania patsy persuade other than that just. T suitcases and a backpack and attire that on the upside you don't have to deal with you know rent and utility that I can a lot of a lot of people who were in New York a lot longer. Before the tour had to like get people to sub let their rooms and have to figure how to parent and Mac and luckily I don't have to deal with that. Yes sounds like how some eventually I'd like to some sort. OK so the breeze is my next question which is what do you envision. For your future because here you are right now in Austin and having a blast in a spectacular show school Brockman and. And the what he wanted to do next. I'd love to me on Broadway. That's that. The most immediate goal and it's just work on Broadway Linden in new American be closer to family and friends. And it's gonna last and where. Inching Ireland there. A can get their act thanks so step by step there you'll get there and then he can feel. You know like to have your own place sneaky and do a little less travel pack in do you rated do you think at present I have pace and it's anybody that that's really how you own your spaces by decorating yet pregnant things. Yeah I think it's it's it's funny I mean we'll ask somebody without a CK is that the chooses. That's really tough when you don't have a place. To call your own. Not that you are having a great experience and exchange because you are but but it doesn't preclude having you know he had. That takes some getting used to I haven't unit. It on and offered five and a half years now. Just lawyering in and live in Tennessee cases so it's kind of like generally know anything else right as when I decided to go back you got it down right and at Yad that's that's amazing that we'll have you had to tell us it's that came onboard and relate. To you I Garrick what I can do this is too tough. I don't think. I've I've never had anyone that that gave up but eight it's it's harder for her for some people than others but it. Usually the the job is so rewarding and it keeps hanging in. And free travel this is awesome pretty cool partly just remind yourself could get that how staying healthy that's got to be a tough one to do and an apparent things in there. It's it's it's hard especially when you have we have twelve onstage kids and flirt swing kids. You know working with kids is always hard to stay healthy as well. It's conscious about preparing and being ready for an emergency. Terrible iron and yes I think it's you all that I act and yet like you have any other Trixie can pass on SaaS. Really I have a really awesome steam that I use September I like and climbed anything this is a little handheld. Neighbors steam. It's like a miracle deep LA cap pun RS senate Erlich ram. Any essential oils like eucalyptus to China I don't but I miss Mullins. In the cast is really into is Angela she has like a little. Which doctors station in addressing enough Moneyline thugs is negative feel China's contests it on your feet thick at. That is critical of its what about Mehdi piety do that with yes sometimes a cash if it's like if I'm really sick. Do that as we use the. Is death. It is it's very weird but if you do the nail met Neil med version done better yet. Which is that they made to squeeze he had yet and so I'd been chatting with Leann sent again he's in school of rock right now which is at bass concert hall until February 18 and seeking teacher tickets right now Broadway in Austin dot com and my last question Leann is. Is your house that you want people so narrow and abouts the school of Iraq that we haven't touched on yet it's. It's surprise. Totally relatable for everyone and say I just being there at the head towards the end of the show it kind of becomes giant rock concert. And every time I and the little jaded are feeling out of it I just make sure I watch the kids on stage. And deceive them playing there and shipments lives and just like giving so much joy and they're so excited and it I get emotional every time it stopped to watch it. So it's it's really fun as it has not against members to be able to see. The kids and trying to make. An incredible transformation and it's done. That is exciting and take the whole family this is really one that you don't wanna miss not only is it entertaining but I think it's so inspiring. So these tickets are now I Broadway in Austin dot com once again school of rock the musical is playing bass concert hall until February 18. Don't miss it and I sent to say of huge stink you Julian because. I know that you have a busy schedule I appreciate you making a time reconcile us now from things haven't.