Juliet Interview with The Illusionists Jeff Hobson

Tuesday, November 1st

Majic 95.5's Juliet met with The Illusionists cast member Jeff Hobson.

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I didn't know there was an academy of magical arts. Oh yeah yeah and I instantly you know I'm picturing. Not hogwarts of course. And wal K now let me give you a quick little a little of history on this. He can be a magical arts was formed in 1960s. As a takeoff. Because this is in Hollywood California as a take off to the Academy Awards. So another words they want defined aid. The magic castle which Agassi if he did say hogwarts is about as close as you can get. But as a place where it's a private club all the best magicians and a world. You can buy into this membership fee if you're a model so to speak a hat and EU cannot see all these wonderful shows that you wouldn't. Normally get a chance to see and this they formed a academy of magical arts AMA. To be the yearly. Awards so I don't know you'd stage magician of the year close a magician of the day you know magician of the year you know and all these awards down the line you know giving these accolades to the best magicians in the world but they're not teaching you how to be a magician. What are funny and if they do have I mean this is that this place called magic castle in Hollywood where the AMA is housed dad. Was the mansion of Lon Chaney junior. And this place looks. Real cool yeah I mean this is a place you go win in and it's amazing yeah. So and need added throughout the years all least tricked out things that happen Hewitt you go through and you have to say this a certain password to get in through bull case to. And church. If the top to this magic owl and turn out allows you win or doesn't allow you win depending on W what's the password just in case I go and oh yeah I its magic 95 point. Hot. And you're getting. No I visited yet answered and I Garretson may be you know maybe later we get to know each other better you'll want to demean the past where. That way cool okay so how did you get started suggests. Is this something that I that in mind and my heart LH imagine that you were doing this as a child but that may and I. Snow is almost magicians do start and you know as old as AM fascination when search on child and I was seven years old saw magician at my school said that's my new wanted to for the rest of my life until all the kids easily dominated Israeli air raid. And I never looked back. Skated through school high school at a seed just enough so they didn't embarrass my parents. And I'm not that I you know to get to grade but then I didn't study enough because I have other things to do I was doing shows one how is my for shows at eleven. I got paid from it for show a twelve by Telus thirteen fourteen I was working a lot of shows on weekends birthday parties. Cub scout bankruptcy good etc. by the time I was 1718. I was making more money. And my father and he was a tool and die maker machinist in each right now and I looked and I had free rides to college. That they offered me and I said no Michael I make him more money in my damn having a blast in my life why would I even stop for four years not do what I love doing since I was seven. And so I didn't and down record is kept going and now housing and on here with you and what better. Is that well you misty really really tore at no nobody A you know you fake it to you make it out of these days. In and out and I'm 29. OK I I'll by. But you know I'll begin classic tennis forward I think I know where you are still a class. As he Julianne I tantrum and this is trying absolute privilege to be with him. Some just tell me something Doumit just share in each other at all. Lake is eat your trade secrets your trade secrets and then there's like a veil and. Mean go most and good professional magicians no Howell. Other magicians do what they do occasionally a puzzle as the Kindle mom in doing do you think about it think about it and usually almost everybody can figure out shortly if not. I however I do I'm one of the few magicians of the world that lecture to other magician is there are. Magician believe it or not there's thousands of magic clubs around the enterprise sort of underground. But and his magic conventions is about sixty to a hundred of them every year now where thousands of magicians silicon magic line is every year in Arabic three years rather in in Vegas and death. And I am one of the people that will actually lecture Taft paid to talk to me I that you dropped quite a crowd all wide you know be only because I've been fifteen years and Las Vegas Strip twice umbrella so all the other. A magicians Sankoh who you know that's that's. Pretty cool well you know anything you're passionate about and you see someone and dealing yet the way he volunteer right its again that's incredibly our industry has that I'm sure we knew you were you know you did the same thing in your industry price all the you know the best people doing what you do and you're like I wanna do that yeah right yeah yeah and it's a cool but it's nice that you share in the wake has I think some people feel like that their knowledge is their power and they don't want them but and. On the truth you know magic actually happens 90% in people's mind so I mean because. The tricks the secrets are really not that big a deal. Because you can go online YouTube in just about everything's exposed if you want to delve that deep and look for yet. By its people. You know it's all 90% presentation it's how you do it's style it's what you say during and it's. In Allen and me I I just make fun of things up from Connie in magic so whatever people don't laugh that that's the magic. So you know I try and make it fun and don't take myself too seriously because everybody else in move I show illusionist. They are really serious about it and they're like cool this is I mean people almost die every nine are. And yeah I it does say that way but I mean you know and your boss of this task apologist. He does hold his breath up to four and a half minutes under water are trying to escape and he doesn't need to do it legitimately. You know. Last night was a ninetieth anniversary of Houdini his death dying. You know because and pandas. Ruptured appendix but they know upside down water torture still didn't help and that's what Andrew. I'm so does every single night every single show my and hang the site Downey's handcuffs is feeder shackled and he's got you know siesta. Before he runs out of breath he's got to get out luckily he does that almost all the time now one time we had to take them out. When we started at the Sydney Opera House has sounds scary five years ago I remember Galley and saw the show now allow us and Dallas and yes that was not a rehearsal news Newt. Do allow ends and then what happens and you examine like what went wrong while we are sure is lottery Herschel after that yeah. If so how how how old are so let's try and recreate this say about him earnings should tickets now you have like all safety personnel on saying can Aaliyah. And a and. You know and our show is like you know it's like the avengers magically all that different styles wrong say and I think that's why it's so popular. Because we are you know it's like the weathered that they say in the midwest or wherever you happen to be it's they say this but you know wait five minutes it changes. And so our show has you know drama suspense and danger. Comedy intrigue amazement you know all these different motions of roller coaster of emotions on one show. I can see how. These guys are bring in the serious so you. Bring them are we on and that helps sure yeah I I aimed sort of like the glue every time things get too serious I come on and go hey folks in I'm still here. You know so hooked up with illusionist. Gotta have got a phone call. From the producer just hang. You know and hey we get calls like this all the time yeah I want to show you know him well audio line in out. There Utica would go through he's talking about now says well you know we're gonna open at the Sydney Opera House I said. I'm sorry but you know that's what about the couple caught you know like what now what's this telling if we were gonna open to say ago no show opens this and I don't know what show opens at Sydney. And I saw okay keep talking and next thing you know we have meetings in new York and Vegas and everywhere else were flying all over. Talking about this and finally it happens like an hour later and I'm like while we're at this Sydney Opera House thing as a pretty cool so when did you guys open. A five years ago January so this is that you not had much of a break in five years. Noelle we I didn't know week Erica pretty busy we are so this past summer I think I spent eight weeks at home which was real well this is like to meet me. It's just I hear that I think you've got a grueling schedule and who spent eight cuisine it can be but you know life you know one year here at your life is your passion your passion is what you do. Your hobby is what you do. So I mean the grueling part is the travel we would normally do the show for free Wragge anchor for I say we paid to travel and they send only I mean every day I have no idea ask you my room number is at the hotel ask you count on that I don't well who I have no idea every every week sometimes every few days and times every day it's different brain and your like I don't know just tough. Like I was at the front counters to two before tax hike can you talk to current. I'll try to mindset I don't know okay thanks generated you know re wearing is beautiful jacket when you ask the final this jacket. It's called my limber Archie start market. And it won national hokey and giant is you bought it. Yeah I know it's it's partly it's when those might palpable one is my casual one I sword yet. It uses here is these are micro sequence it looks like water doesn't like you like sparkle will Anwar. But I got a real rise and I got a 50000 stone this to 2000 some or ski thank you very much you rhinestones on one. I got 101000 on a solid black on my shoes I got 33. To 3400. On each my parachutes. And limiting how many custom changes do you do and I as many as I can I can do up to about seven but chairman most shows do fortified deepening. Kerry Edwards doing eleven tomorrow night you know all of Iowa we were talking the other day. Carrying nine. And you know she's jealous of what I have and bashing and I she is but that as she has enough money doesn't really matter so. I'm starting to get there I got enough money last embarrassment lycra that I dine next Tuesday yeah. Thought as that's good feeling right and and on election dam might as I have. A so what people expects. When they go see the illusion arrests they keep well we get this all the time this happens. Because I walk throughout the audience during intermission and say hire people and you know pictures those guys it's. I don't know I'm not that I know of and so. People say this all the time. Like the the wife wanna come husband comes with her reluctantly and how to best. Yeah I had no idea this is going to be so good people actually say and I'm. Subscribing. Subscribers from the feet say this is the national I've members and their and their sincere they're not just saying that they come up to me and a Grammy. We thought I was I was like just hated. And coming care for match like I have in the past and we plows all the time while people just are cock converts. And people come backs attempts to threesome that we got people on a road that will travel like you know deadheads and and yet has yet again we saw you last three said he we're following you know Mike thank you very much eggs security in out for some. It makes sense I mean the summit actually seem magic shows was in Vegas and I loved it's I mean loved it. On day it's just but you know there is something there is that idea like are you running at imagine show on. But he'd get there and you start dad. Now you know what here here's the thing is that most people think demanding an ally I don't like being fooled I feel stupid I I don't wanna you know and it's a challenge their intelligence and they feel that they feel like this like they're being challenge we're not trying to challenge anybody. Would be that the object of magic. Is to take us adults that have lost. That child like innocence. And we're jaded to the world we think we now everything works we've already snapped judged him conclusions about everything in life. And now. When you watch something you can't explain. In your jaw drops so your eyes go wide. And you have no idea how it's done we're trying to have adults feel like children begin to recapture the wonder that we've all lost. So that's what we're trying to we're just trying to make. It looked like a laugh it's a lead out it's it's it it feels good and that wonderment makes you go cash I don't know everything and thank god for that. That is awesome that is so Wilson because I was thinking that is that the draw that innocence lost. It's what I feel like I'm scene when I watch film Marines watched the cubs. That knocks life are pure unadulterated joy a veteran Greg and I think at that same it's that same capture of emotion and you. Seeing something you can't explain like what you're saying so you're watching the illusionist and you're actually. On your capturing a bit of your childhood again a little bit of that childish innocence how odd how often a dog ate oranges here Asia actually say does that even happen. A rare that's the problem and it's especially now you know things are nasty in the outside world and you know. You know the politics are my people that I know on Sosa he's going let back in when people delve into good movies and good books they wanna escape. Magic the perfect funk is now only do you get to escape into our story lines we give you but I also just makes you just feel all my gosh I I you know. That was amazing and it just. Keeps you wondering you know GI got a lot left. To learn yeah got a good feeling and so the illusionist is that bass concert hall right now through November 6 and you can Gator tickets at Broadway in Austin dot com suggests. Alice. Should people now about the show is there anything else you want them announcement income. Well here's a thing of people when they see the the graphics. Patricia. A lot of people assume. That's an adult oriented or serious or ominous sort of dark sort of show you know who evil images and you know it's it's actually not it's actually. We do have children assessed in the show. And it's a family show them there are some so I mean I wouldn't bring 34 or five you know need necessarily but when sure you know we Ghali a lot of seven year olds and on up that are just riveted in fact we've had. Families that bring their tent you know their their teenager there eight year old in their five Europe and they're all riveted in their seat. So I would say what they need to know is that this is a show for for a dramatic. Yet that is good because looking at India and in DC that photo for the illusionist you're friends sent are very warm green and that's winning in the center I was never in the center furlong time. Got it looks like Marilyn Manson that's our Dan Sperry our anti conjure. He was in the middle and that's and you all we can't cater to currency in right it is so allow this or religion a million units and launch our friend layers show and want our graphics. You know my friends that's grain that's awesome and I love that. And that else that the picture really is descriptive of whatever but he does because you've got the manipulator and the anti conjure he escaped biologists the inventor at lake you're titled trickster he ends on the weapon master and the deduction just you really coming magic from the lot just drag. Yeah I mean this is in any and we have the deduction misses is the thinkers if if you're like really jaded the magic you think you know you come to see the senior like no way as this guy doing this he actually is reading people's minds to where. You just you're like this can't be happening so it's very cool and he's funny too which is good. At the same time but yeah there's some stuff happen in the show that yet you won't see anywhere else. It sounds like an amazing show if you don't wanna miss that you don't have to give the illusion us live from Broadway playing right here in Austin a bass concert hall until November 6. So get your tickets on Broadway in Austin dot com and Geoff Hobson thanks so much for being here and sharing so much yourself that's Juliet you sweet.