Juliet's Cinderella Interview

Tuesday, December 6th

Juliet sits down and chats with cast members Tatyana Lubov (Ella) and Hayden Stanes (Prince Topher) from the Broadway musical, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

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We've seen black oak. Secede in this job but you're alienating it it. I yeah. Help us do. McGuinness a while it's palace steps scenes is actually a big plot twists in this version of Cinderella the the it's basically. I don't you wait two months but there is a mini election. That kind of results as soon aren't so. Their political where they're surprising results at election yet there are not at the yeah. The with so that's why didn't take he's you know one well to win because that's a part of them. Modern twist in the US it really does yeah that's gonna cool that you did goddess Demi we get to take their own twist on it that's pretty fun yeah I have to say yes it is fun. So how long have you been with the production. Let's see this is going into the third month student of touring with sesame had two weeks of rehearsal on their mean how does it feel. This great yapping hoot it's gone where very comfortable at the shot now when Israel because there are lots of non technical aspects to it. That took awhile to. Heal fully comfortable with and know we can. We yeah we have fun Jessica points at channel what are some of figure big challenges in that regard. I am technically speaking I think the custom changes were really. Really tough for me get down. To feel comfortable if I could still get every part of it. I'm down like during rehearsals and opening week and whatnot but. Now there's nice flow to it sets its while with I'm story telling him with the music that's happening in the scene. And how many custom changes does Allah hath backstage. A lot. But on stage. Two. OK you are all right so now. But backstage a lot figure constantly undress thing yes. I'm Jessica didn't fit with lots and usually I just stand there and let other people put things on and off of me at its Gary. That's not how well yeah. A non patent as your character tone for how many costume changes. Some changes in and out of like four different costumes that are all. Beautiful. It doesn't matter it never is much for the men our rank now. But that's okay really it's all right if it is even in real life it's more about the costumes for the ladies absolutely I'm asks of me okay. So tell us on what what people can expect make as he rushed hammer Stein's Cinderella here at bass concert hall. They can expects. These classic Cinderella story. But with more of a modern twist or take credit him. That is very fresh farm. An audience. In the year of 26 absolutely down you can you can so expect that so the same gorgeous music from Rogers and hammer signs Canon. But Newt with a updated scripts and updated scripts new characters. The beautiful Tony award winning costumes com. Magic on stage in its great and so and so. Willie kids be confused the little blip or. If they're used to this and re having been read Cinderella at night and I think people that are most confused are actually the parents. And his story and I guess off because there are a few tweaks. And I don't want to reveal anything you've but there are few differences that people like for instance that the and the back one peep that it. The curtain of clothes and people like what. It acts that took me coming kids I had just enjoying every second of it I think yeah. Began to flow more maybe yes out via. There's there's still there's still dressing up in the Cinderella dresses and sitting down Fryman and sometimes leaning over the pit just like watching the saints are just very. Consumed with an. All that's a rental I have come to the show and cost him yes ethical and yes. That rolled out special phone and in do you mingle with them play during intermission or you kind of have to focus on your stuff nudging intermission now. But yeah we need a lot of people at the stage door. It's. Yeah and that's fun super people who are in you know thinking they wanna do this for a living and tell us what the audition process was like for you. It was. I mean. The addition circuit and at least in New York that's kind of been my experience is it's challenging it's very challenging. And com by it it can be a long process or can be an extremely sharp process its toll depend on the project. But this one for me it was it was rather long may it was. You know four or five different auditions and then a job offer couple months later. So it was so you're left hang in am wondering for a while. Yeah yeah but that's that's kind of generally mean what happened to what happens is it that's generally how projects. Go there's always an audition season. That is stronger two times a year and that's when the initial auditions happens he's gonna trying to audition for every project but I'm glad this one kind of both her. And test Hanna was that your experience as well yeah I actually went to. An open call for the show. And I was number 412. And Lyon so I actually think it's seen not debt and so I was encouraged to send in a video submission. So through the video submission which they ended up seeing. I did six. Call backs I think a lot. A lot of contacts that we're really spaced out and then finally got a call. What an interesting story can she would think Blake if you are number 412. Then. You know between one and and 411. They would have found their Allah but that's not happen to food. So we we look at how and where you hope. Always have the video submission and. Reelect an ally had not been gonna happen and it's gonna do anyway I had a little bit of both. More so on. They're probably not gonna want says but I'll descended anyway but done. I kept checking. Because it was on YouTube fellow of it and I kept checking to see if their views and then slowly there aren't like Ford views Monday and then sixteen views on and it's like okay. To have him and then and then it all and command and said the views were are the production checking you out. OK I assume so race I was really I never thought about that they can be random people but they definitely got a technical I. And then your confidence and searches could disagree about this that he is not an ever met him at you head. Needed that you do indeed a video thing you're Latino I did not I had I had an appointment to get them across our souls for their rival different and we're both study. I went to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point it's time to write a heart of Wisconsin. Say from Wisconsin or is 98 PM and so did you know you work on the study acting and theater and music and dance tomorrow that. I yeah my Abe. Mom is quite a teacher and my dad is music arranger and composer and then. Directs and plays a plays piano. For all these different kinds of groups so I kind of did it on the life and your parents for support us yes so supportive and I'm really lucky in the lane. Yeah I think a lot of parents like on. Obviously I ask me any accounting nervous yeah what was yesterday in teton. Com yeah I Wentz the University of Northern Colorado. In Greeley Colorado just an hour north of Denver you both very into this now. Yeah we left so. 90 this is that actually stark contrast and it's very nice I like being handled on his. From yeah I grew up and in Colorado and down my mom mom mom was very encouraging us. Anything that I kind of wanted to pursue I was and assuming for a long time and I was gonna go for student studying English that. Then last minute my senior in high schools like mom and already theater smears like. Chang are right well I didn't see this coming but you know what Morgan until it's out there shall make. How that's cool well yes yeah rob says this is that soak so supportive parents is a commonality here for share down. As if battling I would think that's really critical 'cause it's we are saying earlier how hard the process let's be so competitive right yes. That if you don't have somebody in your corner and then you can do lipstick we'll the only absolute love like yeah yeah yeah and you both live in New York. I do yes yeah. I me to home really have a home I have put the foot would not want to. And you're on tour yeah I I exactly. But I was. I have summer where Eric. Before I moved to new York and then I was sub letting I lived in both all Brooklyn Manhattan and queens. Sites and if I'm exact slice the hook but it lifted it from places like three months then now and hormones from a Ziegler you lives and those three different places informants sap. Lee yes I'm sure that I find out that flight and got. Crazy so a good that you don't have a place now because out on a story about a month unclear if the act and how long is the tour syndrome. Unlocked contract is until June 25 and pick him and you'll deal with that later you'll deal at all. Yeah. I didn't event this weekend yeah ran it okay that's generally that but I mean that's really. I hear that from a lot of factors that they maybe have played just. But the studio in new York and then we'll typically some let it could be on the New York seems to be the real hub for this kind of work. And then they're just excited set to parents who are way yeah. What are you most excited about being here in Austin T think you have any time to see the city. Oh yeah yeah I I've been here once before. But it was only for like. One night that the there's a very short duration and and and now 19 a way. Try to do good to see all the nightlife and I'm pretty good job this yeah. Yeah. Client. Mental weird that's right and com but I'd like I explore some more restaurants come because the food here is fantastic from what I remember in men Nam. Yeah I'm now and it's a little cloudy right now but I'm hoping that once the sun is out again may be biking around her don't some them. I know you wouldn't snow event in like a ten year drought. Oh this week it's been like we are soaking wet yeah yeah I kind of era but the some welcome mats was to get nicer later this week is about fifteen. He's with Jeff and yeah yeah. Un test and are you eating your way through Austin as well. Think of it if I didn't ask. As. The trap and yet venture restaurant and I stand. But I'm looking forward to it I've heard great things yet you do that you bloody good restaurants and she's German food track barbecue is what I dad's I have to do barbecue yeah a lot fiber Q feared track I think insulating GAAP and I'll bet yeah. Ethical yet bustling and another warm and lease I kind nearing 35. OK done OK well let's picture or readynas Rodgers and Hammerstein and Cinderella is is playing at bass concert hall through December 11. And tickets are available at Broadway in Austin dot com is there anything else. That you guys wanna say about the shut Tatiana is playing L and Hayden is playing tell fur and with turgeon editor look at the modern take on Cinderella. Great for family is great for adults and what else you want people know about the shopping thing. Tom I just think it. It has some really important messages and it's nice thing there they're very important fur weary are today and very relevant. Yeah and there are so many messages that people can end. Cling onto when they see this so I think I think what I hear a lot from people that see the shows that they didn't expect that. Data knicks did they kind of expected the story of Cinderella they know what that is but because this is slightly different and it does emphasize different messages. Tom I think. It's it's interesting to see people reactive wow I didn't really take away I didn't think it would take that away from the so I didn't expect to take that away us. It's gonna inspire some interest in conversation I think Sasha yeah definitely. Yeah not just a feel good movie and you hit it it. Yeah yeah that's right rockaway and engage which I think it's really fun especially from a family perspective. Yeah yeah. Yeah definitely yeah. Well thanks so much for being here and sharing with us go to Broadway in Austin dot com get your tickets now you have until December 11 to see if Rodgers and Hammerstein to Cinderella. And and touching on our blue box and Hayden stains thank you so much for being here thank you very AO thinks feminist.