Juliet's Interview with Martin Burke

Tuesday, June 7th

Photo by AxelB Photography

Juliet sits down with Martin Burke, star of "One Man, Two Guvnors."

WHEN: June 1-26, 2016 | Wednesday thru Sunday

WHERE: ZACH’s Topfer Theatre | 202 S. Lamar Blvd. | Austin, TX

Tickets/Information: www.zachtheatre.org or 512.476.0541 x.1


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So how the parts that you have in one man to governess did you audition like five times I did not audition. Dave state beat artistic director at sacked. We saw the show in New York when it was on Broadway and contacted me and said that he thought I'd be the leak rate and it. So he gave it to me wow what a very real light it ceremony sexual Mary Mary can't be honored paint. You called me fancy probably six times since I've been here this morning will you know I read your bio Martan and like I. I started reading it and I. Because it was like it's its law on an established and I just thought how birth just antsy and a lot. I'm still it's cyber. And a lot and I'm done I I've been very lucky. And I done. I've worked for I've worked it exact down this'll be the twentieth year that I have worked attack. So. Have done a lot of work with them have been very lucky and I'm so grateful for all of the option is that I've gotten there hasn't been able to do a lot of shows that I. And they don't think I ever would be casting necessarily food. But. I have a very good relationship with Dave stay clean and I just feel very blessed very very thankful busted and work in other theaters in chemicals and Shakespearean. There's a place called the public domain at one point and a friend of mine had his own company but he lives in New York now and I did several shows with him he's playing right Ingrid three plays and back to those who say doesn't produced a busy. So tell us about the care she play in one man two governors. I'm led a Francis hinge show. And the play is actually based is retelling of Carla Gupta of gold unease and master to servants. Which was written in the 17100. So Atlantic media dollar take. At peace and there's a lot of physical humor so this is actually retold in the sixties so it takes place in 1963. I am. Essentially the servant in this and I have two governors I have two masters basically. That IA. Get employed by and I'm trying to keep it a secret to. That I have two governors like him trying to keep it from each of them. So. Hilarity ensues because of it. A that they ultimately find out in the end and and that's bad news for you. No actually no it ends and actually turns it has a very happy indeed I'm less happy ending to grade they're just very happy endings and it's haul it should get three happy ending no he's down to that's pretty exciting yet very exciting. Fun for the whole family can that sounds like it's uplifting yes it is uplifting and. There's a lot of physical humor Ehrlich running around falling down a smashed missile from head with a trash can lid at one point and plow. I have a fight with myself. Weary Serb beat myself up then. Am. Yeah yeah very physical parts it's a very physical part and die. So again very sweaty that we slicked my hair back so. You can't really tell them that's what image for sitting where close a cut so I get very hot I'm also wearing a body suit that ads like thirty. Pounced at its obesity it looks at a gala they its eighth I'd look like come to dump. Yeah looks because of my pants they made a suit especially for me I am for this and it's at three PCs that has. A best in the jacket and pants that's what three PC means yes I think you're issued a girl I generally ADB and yeah what is it that so. Yet it's very physical it but it's so much fun there's so much physical humor and I love hearing your audience laugh laugh and laugh and there is some audience interaction with that I am not that. Nothing to be afraid of let them. So that that is always a lot of fun to. Talk to the audience and who call him participation I think is so grave. It is some people get really freaked out hits mailing when I go to the theater I don't really I don't wanna be a part of it too. Oh yeah I didn't come here to plan on staying are trying to watch I think that's just me yeah I'm pretty reserved in my personal life. I'm well you know they say about actors though I Rihanna that actors actually quite shy mound acing the opposite because there you know right forming a bright famous example is dare him off Daryl Hannah I think she super shop yet you still have very little publicity Emerson section now working now. But maybe that's why you get great gas IE it's about suggesting he set up a one of the things that I just hugs. About theater and particularly you know at Zacks guide and that venue didn't feel such a part of the action and solidity intimacy of the environment Graham and what a great opportunity you know it's sort of like really get involved when there's an audience participation right too most of us haven't had that's something like the fourth grade in the right exactly and thank you kind of a great way to feel. You know part of something and and foam and again. Yes what are the first shows that I dated Zach was a children's show where I've played. Like an anxious blow fish and a it's a shark can appoint an octopus agree B octopus and it was. Getting the kids to do stuff with us sort of like we're all going in the water wrote in a swim and it's so much fun to watch kids get all involved and in because they love playing they just want to. So it's it's so much funded. To get the audience involved in this. There are a lot of asides to the audience so like casino be going on and then somebody will turn to the I'd like this happens with other characters as well but. So there's a lot of aside studio audience but I actually ask questions of the audience at one point so I'll call them at it in several different points I asked them questions and thank god help me answer questions in order to. To get things moving along so it's done that's so much fun. Very different yet so I am how long as one man to governor's going to be playing at Zach I have runs until the 26. Of this month. Okay which is the last Sunday I believe of this month. Okay. So people have some time to go and see it but I thinking it's better to act now than later absolutely I have youngest things tend to. I'd take my in my experience with kids. It's since tend to sell out yes they do none so let's give a reminder to everyone where they can get to get tickets I believe uses. Zach theatre dot org. And I sneezing or you can call the box office sent. 55124760541. Extension one attack. I was being sent a letter from me I was. Well I don't affiliate out I'm really impressed you continue to impress. Fans. And tell us about the audience participation person in the evening then the house opens early in there is a band playing like has sixties band. That are sort of like The Beatles. And said the house opens early and you can go and sit in the audience and listen to this band there's a bar on the stage and you can go up on the stage and have a drink in days. Yet. Yeah and then. So once that starts it does not stop until the show is over because the band plays between each of the scene changes. And also members of the cast. Joined the band and played different instruments like I played a xylophone at one point with the band. Another character plays ukulele. Another one plays car horns how. And what else there's is it hard to play the xylophone. Did you take xylophone lessons. I just learned from this. It and there's also there's a big musical number at the end of the show so we're all singing at the end and dancing around and but the man who is the I'm my words are leaving me Allan Robertson he taught me how to play the tunes that I needed to play any Tommy really slowly in the meaning we listen to the track quid that. Of with a song that's actually playing and I was like. Oh my gosh that's like 4000 times faster but I I'm a good an okay job well probably not a lot of people in the audience who actually played a xylophone sabathia. I right and you can just sort of like that that's a stake itsy make it takes a street exactly okay she's a panic but. It's not panic but I am I just decided to have fun with it and let it go and not have not worry about it too much consequence so yeah it's so much fun I love coming I love rolling net flip phone out there and playing for. As people it's so unexpected all of that T there's so much in the show it's unexpected. How so much music so much laughter so much. Just so much fun it really is really that you you've totally surprised me because I've yet just left plays and I've yet to see one where they allow me to come up onstage and have a cocktail. Well you've got to come on down yeah I definitely I get on that State's offense around with a cocktail. That's. What is so my scene yeah I know Maarten on Long Island good. Okay so we're talking about one man two governors adds Sachs got the air that's where you before the show can enjoy a Beatles type fan and turns budgeted to partake of cocktail. On statesman. Or as reason enough to go I don't know that we need talking anything else no. It's on the pitcher Pixar here we see that it's fantastic and I'm Kim exceeded. If you would like to go and I think he would like to just tickets right now at exactly theatre dot board. Marin is there anything else you want folks know about the show one man to governors and that's playing till June 26. It's a fantastic time and it's a fantastic cast. Of characters crazy crazy actors I'm doing crazy crazy things that are so much fun to watch. So. It's a blast you've got to come I can't I am looking forward. Zach theatre dot org for your tickets Martyn Burke thank you so much for being here thank cute Julia printed.