Juliet's King and I Interview

Wednesday, December 13th

Juliet sat down to chat with Joan Almedilla who plays Lady Thiang in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The King and I.

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So a friend of mine saw the show last night saw him and she called me up this morning at 830. And I had him since my first coffee yet. And I said I'm. She's British is at though my goal it so good this county in Austin we can get we can get Broadway mutual. The same time. As a grade you should claiming she's on the Tonight Show and do a pet. It hit yet and crew on your friend kinky I will I will so un tell me. How are you got started performing. In the theater. I addition to in new York and moved it to the united he's ninth 1983. And have always been ying and miss Saigon but I had no theater background whatsoever. What Rihanna had you study I have my. And in comment yeah. I went to school for economics who but have always been singing in fact I pursued that after I didn't miss Saigon in New York. And then another opportunity. This time on tour Ridley and it's. And I take that opportunity. So he had an M steely yearning to go back to school. When I was so you are the definition that she's just just not just in the pretty face. And a half. Economic and our parts of well I had mania out he'd do economics every game and lighter than a minute you know where did you go to school zone. I went in college and we Tufts University. I need to watch and in Long Island home my mouth so what is thinking you we're gonna be when you grew up so to speak. You know once maybe I did not define it as an actor but I would always dressed up in L and I was the youngest and my sister aching gap that is five year have so she's always light. In older and Rangel so my own little world I'd be dressing up one minute I'm wonder once it. Then a doctor and then and a teacher so their land only to see this is the artist of the family and. Yeah. So when you went to hoster re thinking about it's perhaps a large degree because I know a lot of econ majors do that or did you at that point. You were studying can't your interest in that you kind in US intra. State about it I was insisted about. How old. You know certain group of people economists like could predict. What's going to happen you know take chances and and how about the net. The future of you know the economics of the country and and you know they're not even the most highest. Paid people in the business majors but they can predict what's gonna happen in your you know they're getting daily the highs and lows. They zoo it's fascinating and a particularly in the in the day and age in which we live today dining yeah yeah Jerry. Just wrapped and in random and brain so where she crappy seats into the states in 93 Philippine. Okay and did you know you were gonna come to the states how Asian parents react to that. Well my. In all my mom's like you know it will never hurt you know to. To maybe give it a try and and next thing you know and all of families here. And except for me. Where I was sing come soul. Yeah. It's been things turn out yeah and I'd. One economy because I hit so many friends I was nineteen. You know and I'm convinced that keep in touch with them but. So yes that happened yeah that's pretty huge again. So OK am speaking with Joan alma dairy Deanna Elena DeLia Brasilia Joan alma DeLia has wonderful adoration. And and she's currently gusting to she's starring in The King and I tell us a little bit about the character that you play. My character. My character's name is lady Chang and cheese head wife of the many wives of the king of Siam. And she's pretty much their eyes and ears and their king and the king demo of Siam and and you know she's in control on the future of and the kingdom assign him. So she yeah she's yeah police woman who. Yeah she's. Runner gaffes that that's a plumber all in the hand in The King and I yes did you could be with the addition process how was that did you think. Yeah I got this. No not really now Null. Especially this version because the way it's been done before. The women are submissive. To the key but this time it's more like. LA that it director made it lays the worked on the internalize. It and each of the characters. The way the the way each of the characters bring to light. The issues that they're going through or what they're fighting for. Eighty Chinese definitely in the system and she's on Eisen. Out and they're not and the systemic tub tennis is more and other character of the younger. Lover is more you know. Believing in someone that you should -- be the someone you love not like you're just offering McCain an all. So these three different women and and that's what I think it's so. It it's very relevant. That is unusual because. That is that is a very sort of modern. Yeah modern take on it yeah so what else can people expect when they go to C picked The King and I dispersion in particular. They AE. If you've seen the show or the movie you will remember the memorable songs. That getting to know use something wonderful condition don't shall we dance. He died as we've had people I would sing along let. Does somebody doing this city that was like just people just say you know content and actor you doc. Well it'd it'd midway gas in ice very key. And an analyst so there's there's children there's little new ones is little kids do. That is too cute and makes you laugh from children you haven't cast we have nine travelling and so what is that like. I'll do real good kid yeah you know well behaved. We have. We call them the Wrangler said. Say there's. A Wrangler the logic is on. Left side and then their right size days and you know take care of them make sure everything in their there they're on time wreck but they're accused. We'll have. One of their wranglers is a source to your teacher that child was this huge. So that's helpful yes. We'll break Yad very important and these children simmer traveling without their parents and amnesty hard well my son is in the show. I don't come eight years old is one of their royals twins and you know he's when you come watch is well he's. The left to win on the excitement that is Smart. Yeah that's great it's never going to be looking out for him now I yelled we all look up. Yeah yeah and I mean like in the showdown that I can't exactly Actuant. So what is that just like me tell my god that is so seat have a feeling that yet Steve more than one child. I have one OK so that's nice that you don't have to deal how has your husband feel about being separated I think he is. Copy he has a little bit of a peace of mind because you know. That we're together and he gets to visit you know 23. And every 23 weeks. You know I I'll have to add that my my son that was hired an AM. Comment. It was SXSW front it was. You know I have video clip it was it comical stuff that they disposed to be young entrepreneurs section. Category B for the giving awarded. And he was five under five who was. We was before he was five years old leg you know the young entrepreneur is the little kids for money like Al I invented candor and for French it's. That is when I know it's on his I. Especially Daniel hit for I am your heart. Do you bring it raised my. I'm my god help for us and see. It's what's. Member is here may king yeah yeah yeah I mean he knows right away like every city wears a science museum. Oh yeah so we're museum held a campaign says he's inherited mama's curiosity yeah we'll see you kind of have the yen to go back to school would you like to study. Com I would probably do theater. You're education you know focus on in the children. Since you have like a long term vision and is. Doing theater education and teaching them. Are uttered what you're not really thinking that it's that far out of that far out okay it would be growth rate to. To be able to do that rates. Yeah particularly because. You know arts education is so. Totally critical to our society and I do feel like there are those people who say. It's not that important we can do without it but you know the music. And dance saying. You know sculpture sketching painting. I think all sizes as essential it's breathing. Yeah yes and. From my experience in. And not as a child but older taking acting classes. It's really create an environment of where they stumble and make mistakes and it's OK yeah so when they go out in addition they have that sort of light you know. This is this is I have to nail it enhances both British and some already failed in my class in a good way yeah I've made mistakes there and I'm learning garrison I'm gonna apply -- but to be an environment there where nobody's watching nobody's judging the little kids and it's okay. You know that's safe space yeah yeah we only that but especially at that young NH yeah to have that foundation. I ask you this John is a thing else. That you want people to know. About The King and I. It's and if you've never seen him before and it's your introducing your family to a Broadway Show it's for the whole family. It's. You know you watch the kings struggled. Dealing in in terms of dealing with change from. What is traditional and old into transfer into modern and and and you have me she's on who. You watch her come in and shots. Blown away but herb like she couldn't understand Hawaii. You know she leads with a heart. And everyone leaves you know especially in my carry Charlie Chan and she's here her moves are very calculated. You know and and she's surprised that this one lake what you do you believe someone new month and there's so many aspects to that you know. Characters. And you know that would be if you're an actor were coming to lots but then to bits and beautiful music. And the relevance of the story about you know. King and she's on nine and decision making and running a country. And it's such a good point that you make because it really is I mean. You know one color one culture minister it's a collision of cultures in a way and each one learns about the other hand and they see the pros and cons to Atlanta is nothing is actually perfect that you wakin thinking oh my waist the best way. Yeah exactly. And then become did. If so. It turns sitting you know there are references and shall we dance and so such a powerful number in this. You know and then it surprises you again and another twist yeah and I still come to respect each other even as they down its embrace everything. Yeah about the ad about the other culture would you say that's true that's was in my feeling about it. Not if that's should pray I don't wanna give it away but yeah yeah yeah that's great final the ending is kind of you know bittersweet but. It's it's it's great. Yeah it is it is such a good stories of those see The King and I take the kids yet especially if you have someone who's really interest in the arts and your family this is a a marvelous way experiencing live theater there is nothing like it and making nice playing at bass concert hall. Right now through December 17. Eating your tickets at Broadway in Austin dot com. And sound I can't thank you enough for taking time out on the tap that app Alec age progression.