Juliet's Phantom of the Opera Interview

Wednesday, April 19th

Juliet sat down with Phantom of the Opera cast memebers Katie Travis and Jordan Craig.

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Steps of the opera is to Dejan act servers what Hamilton is to millennial today I mean that this was. Teen musicals legacy you could not get tickets butts this is not to moms Phantom of the Opera as a. Absolutely not it's of of course is in the sense that the same characters in the same iconic wonderful score. But what we've done is since the eighties there have been tremendous advances in technology. That. Our producers. One too late in the retelling of the story. Visually so you have all of these things that really more possible back in the eighties. That they incorporated into the visual storytelling and I think doubts that the biggest new take away from this version is that. Re we can do so much more now with special effects and it lighting with pyrotechnics automation. All of these wonderful things you know. I think our show the automation runs on Bluetooth now which of course I was not possible. Back back in the eighties and that's one of the the most amazing differences. Wow I bet that's straight gang. Yeah I mean we have that we have incredible changes with at a set pieces that really couldn't happen. You know 2030 years ago so it's really exciting visually but also in a storytelling are really trying to keep a real simple. Approached at this very telling this story than ever and last month jab because it is in it it's it's something that really. I think is ingrained in people's minds and they probably think of Michael Crawford and Sarah Bregman immediately and many think those two names became you know just sort of but it will until they hear Katy travesty. And yeah I've got other Demi. RA set Katie when will you tell us a little bit about your addition process is that lake church so I bishop for quite some time now Unser for a little over two years actually so. I. Over the course of a few years had gone in for Anton I'm different in different capacities so. For the branding companies and this company losing contracts a few different kinds and so is. The course of I think it counted it back 1010 try is and that. None of them down and and militant and my town is Aladdin and being persistent and taking asking better growing within the last few years and had them in union expansion and that's on hard that's sounds like you know you're being patient but your also striving to sound like a hard place to be you have clean island making it all he's not afraid now in many able to share this story many people the past few years and you know me and meeting people and and the heat is on my way. If character and I've been I've been growing as a person and as I'm and actor and wow what a great characters and yes it. Meet interred in how is your experience becoming involved in the show. What can I mean I just gotten back from. And had a job that his. In getting back into the the end the struggle as we Colin and I guess where you're getting back into the restaurant jobs that Jim jobs what you do in between. Performance jobs and I had a call from agents they said Hague in two days Yucatan auditioned for and opera for the understudy of royal. And I said you know yeah right I'm never gonna get this but sure I'll go and and I booked the understudy job. I AA. And then played the understudy role. And when the ensemble arts first six months and then. There was another addition Ford the eagle and I went in and a book that. So now I'm I play row full time since and I have since October brow. That is so exciting it's very cool two. It's it's been an amazing experience to. Play multiple parts of the show to really mean get to know. Different aspects of the show and and and and to learn more of the music you know because renting different things. And really in Indy yourself with the. Peace it's been great the Tulsa so inspiring to 'cause she went from cook CR ran onto the understudy of parole oh yeah see this a full time I mean you know we hear this music you hear you know this story use you know. But you there's certain shows and I and I feel I feel similarly about Maine as a rob Princeton then you know. It's one of those shows that's on a pedestal and as an actor it's like. Well I ever really get the plane Raoul in Phantom of the Opera now. It's not gonna happen like it's inches or so like you tell yourself now or beat yourself up about it but it's. Kind of just one of those things that sell out of reach yeah I mean we're all kind of pinching yourself yes I you know he's saying me for a long time so it's this act in there's there's a moment you know before I. I go into the opera box at at the beginning you know row sitting watching the opera at the beginning no spoilers and promises is that I a and. And who but right to try doing an I didn't channel I'm like this is. This is actually going to happen I'm actually gonna do this Rollins seeing this drawn talents and help to tell this story with that some amazing. Amazing. Co stars. Of reform. I disagree because it sounds like you're really in the present moment with what you're doing. When we do our jobs well it's a job that allowed as YouTube. We'll leave. He in the moment for two and a half hours of life which is this to her left he needs to be. Mean not everyone I'm in it certainly do and iced tea answered it. Kind of meditation and that Whaley gets a way to really tried appease hair. We people here playing and he's written in Paris at at very very cool and very lucky. How yeah I mean it's just think that. It's tough for most people to be in the present moment so that is it it is that is incredible to think about everybody's got. They're to delist it got their deadlines at work their family obligations Oscar de Sus. You know it's like your characters yet we all have those things too I did as people like our characters don't have those concerns me and earning her news don't have those same. Those same things going on and and they have a whole different set of priorities are holed so in part of the trick of of this job is to learn to let those personal things ago. For that that moment you know you're not. And Jordan you know. I'm not that person nine I have this other persons. Drives and motivations and personality traits in. Just all of those things they'd be sort of transformed into another another human being. That its chest that's amazing. So Jordan as cute as can I've heard tell about said the legendary chandelier. Can tell us how that's different and distraction Phantom of the Opera. Sure you know luck at a I don't get too much away about it but the chandelier. We can corporate like I said earlier with some of the technology that we've been able to incorporate now. Our chandelier incorporates some of that it's still falls spectacularly. And in a new way and I think the audience is really going to find special no spoilers. I buds but I know you're enticed I know it yes just it's one of those things I owning give too much of the magic away bit. But. You know we still have it very dramatic. Follow of the chandelier that is iconic it's not giving you know anything special ways and we know it happens but it. It is it's sort of redesigned to surprise on. It's okay Terry colts so Katie you may think this next question is unfair but I am really curious to know why it's if you had to take your favorites. Parts of the program. One that you enjoy the most what is that trio. Sure I mean it's changed over the course of my time being with the snow. I loved. That inning and crafts and Eric well he seems music and I eat it's pretty. Special and it's a quiet moment for me which is very nice. In and I can just keep in. London what's around being in the kind of wean them of songs. I answer I loved to sing which seniors. My hearing me moon that is going to find you know attacking as someone earlier here in the studio net about Phantom of the Opera since you guys coming in saint style when he first night. The scare. Chair Lara. Yeah I mean I think there's there's so much to CEE and you know others biting and hires pyrotechnics and staff. But it's stealing is he nice sunny with a fresh tires on the kids in its own. Appropriate for kids that he and explaining and but it. But if things and you know and I think I can. No matter who you are. You sort of find yourself in Christine shoes. And she's. She's been managed. You know that she's being. It and you know she has mixed emotions I mean Katie Qatar and lengthen and probably. Am more profoundly about it than I ever said that. I feel like we're not when I first saw her do it it I found myself in her shoes in and I saw her I see the ice sheet of phantom is sort of. He's this. Intriguing lovable menace I mean then there's contradictions in that but. The used it there there are moments where you're terrified of him because you see the way he treats her. And then and and so I I I I need I think being scared is is it's a very normal. Reaction. Yeah most definitely. Definitely but it's not there on hand now and worries about money and nice stuff gone and let's throw those contradictions come in LA you know it has all of those those. Primal. You know things going on you know there's fear and love and lust and betrayal and Chilean. All of those great things you know and you experience all of them through the eyes of of of the trio. It's just it's sounds so exciting I think this is a great way for. Parents to. To introduce a classic and if you think about it the first performance was what 1986 yeah. So what a great way to free experience. Phantom of the Opera again but also through the eyes. Of your teenagers are your cancer what I wanna. Actually I was you know I just I couldn't agree that more so than fabulous I'm so glad well I wanna let I wanna let you know if you wanna get tickets to fans of the opera you can get them Broadway in Austin dot com it's playing at bass concert hall. Through April 30 S and and I have to say just a huge thank you to Katie Travis and Jordan cards for coming in today and this production a Phantom of the Opera something that there when you experience or just anything else that we haven't talked about that you wanna share. We are so passionate and loves to tell this story and so and we loved and I in particular event like. You know it's someone's first time it got close someone 35 time and you know 96 kind of people love this show but also it's. It's it's a way to reintroduce people for the very first time to the sun is so incredible and so for sucks at any hair and can't we can't really anymore and I just. We're thrilled to be here long pending grand moment that you know if it's here when it's your first time mere hundred Tennessee and I think. When you come to this production it. Of that goes away you know it's going to be. If it's your first time of course you'll be seeing it the first time but if it's your hundred tendency to shelling you've never seen this version I think you're going to be just as surprised. Yeah I think seeing it again for the first time but all over again new perspective yeah wonderful why I'm so excited. Thanks again and and the EG tickets right now on Broadway in Austin dot com and them and thanks for for being here 'cause with your schedules I know it's a big deal. English their own data if.