Majic 95.5's Juliet interviews Beautiful cast member Julia Knitel

Wednesday, March 22nd

Majic 95.5's Juliet interviews Beautiful - The Carole King Musical cast member Julia Knitel.

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Since you're the understudy for a lot of the ladies Alina that when you go on you have anywhere from what half a day's notice to an hour. Yeah and and and it can happen in the middle of the shell all happening in the middle of the giants unfortunately sometimes that he just tell women and. I was in line stands Alanis. And done. It was it was an ensemble lady she'd plays Maryland in the show and and the First Act ended and she was she was really really sick and at that she can get through and cheap and she couldn't home and I so. The free no way you have people you kind of have to hold the show program awhile. And then I'm scrambling the sword it is say congestion above your makeup ready his. I kind of our swing job we were called swings attacked we'll sit around and be ready we have to be there and ask him ready so you just show up every night and dead and make up are you in Costa. Now actually we'd Tony then we aren't even in make up. We've. We probably don't even know that we should be but because it could save a lot of time to then. Just have to get your hair ready two bit get away gun you've really quick contact I think I have like four people working I mean wow that. That day was your hair are you ready now it wasn't ready Sunday these things called pin curls Reid get them nice and tight it's your week Pratt attack in any pay your Mike up in your way ray and then that way it goes over and. And the might then cut it comes down like over your forehead down yes OK our way to act that's cool I'll ask the Kennedys behind the secrets of musical preparation I had nobody ever gets an asset thank you for singing without Larry. Brazil Canada yeah Alina I'm really excited that you're here because yesterday this is this is that things were -- an awesome yeah a lot of good shows coming through town a map bass concert hall the yesterday Irving is like going to write. And said he was seeking only cancer incidence of meals with sixty tickets for tonight you're going oh yes definitely. In the conversations XE you're going tonight right alone now Campbell can't. And this can this person said so you know it's beautiful right the cure looking musical. The hub yet it's beautiful break the Mexican prisons they hope that I'm definitely come and play this they had him they had a clash of a commitment they couldn't but it's it's the musical that everyone has been talking about. And it lets you know from your perspective. Why do you think that is. I. I remember when I sign on Broadway I gave. I had no idea that it was gonna make me feel that way. And I had no idea as that they were the master minds how an Al of that because I grew up with that music my parents have listened to use the oldies stations. So I would hear all of that I loved all of it. And the way that this story is set up. And it's so well done. That they'll surprise you every time with us on and it'll be the real people Carole king and Gerry Kaufman as a writing team and then Cynthia violent very man as a writing team. They were best friends. As a as couples. And they went to write these suns. And I had no idea about. The story that went into how that contact written and then before you know way. The curtain is going up for the slides are going now and there are there are two people are. A group they are singing the song as the surrounds of the Righteous Brothers. And it blows your mind because it's like I've known this song my whole life and I had no idea that. There are real people that had to deal with it that I write it and had to struggle with that. That then there were real people who performed it. And then you're looking became that herself she she wrote for herself and saying for herself and it was scary for her. And I think that a lot of people get blown away by the reality. That this. Is all true and then I think they're blown away by it. The fact that. These people are humans just like to psych yourself. And then you can't believe that. You can't get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the luck in your heart need because she did then and everybody can then you just kind of have to see it that way. Do you think it was a lot of work for her to do not going to become. Some days more easily than others I don't know I sweet talk a lot in the show about she was really scared to sing in front of people. And it it was more of I'm here to write music for people and it is really scary I think for her to have their realization and once once her life pep propelling forward. And does things that she was trying from to write about. I think is that started to happen it it was like well I don't know who else can write or sing these songs I guess I have to do and it felt right for her. And I think it was a scary he jumped to dude this stream and I think I think but I think that once once she would mean then all those grammys came for her and I think she kind of it kind of made that real be realized for her and them only opening Carnegie Hall. And she says that she says a beautiful speech about how sometimes like those silly ones sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes when it does say you find something beautiful. And I I think she realized that herself I don't know she realized it and that moment or if if it. It was because the song tapestry itself to is so beautiful of my life has been a tapestry and it's the blue and gold. And I think about my life is a quote before and then I had never heard that song specifically. And then when I started researching. For a doing the show and I heard that I. That Israeli. An amazing thing that somebody can. Zero in on on your own life like that that'd be so incredibly round. Turned explaining guests. You know I did I can and getting the feeling for what you're saying because it's such a metaphor for everyone's life and that. Yes and maybe end counties more so than ever again frankly as the struggle is real and and the fear is real and so. On to hear someone else say. I can and it's it's not all easy and it's tough and it's okay because there's still something beautiful and that. Yes hopeful. It is it is on any you get to the other side and you look back and think well it was all supposed to go that way then wasn't it. In order for you to realize that. It's all. It's all beautiful and I think that is precious because in the moment that you are dealing with whatever is your struggle is your pain is your pain it feels so wrong. Yes it feels so wrong in the moment and you can you can swallow and that and revel in that and just. Feel. You can make yourself crazy well he can. And I think when you come out on that other side and see the light it's almost. And I have to will yourself there but you also have dead the above yourself and see it all for what it is and that's achieved is. It's such a powerful thing that I think. Only the arts can accomplish as an out and none for this for this particular musical but I can now beautiful the Carole King musical I mean it's. So much more than a performance you know is solid dot emotion wrapped up and CNET. And what I mean this is just not a fair question but I'm asking anyway Alina. What is your one favorite song from the music. That's not a you know I I thought about this a lot I think. I'm I'm pretty sure that it's. My ashes the Righteous Brothers on that Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil right because I love the way that they and that. Getting I love the struggle that they have and writing the song. And it's a bye guys and yet as he does that Levy few hate that I its day. It is really hard for them right. And really hard and figure out who was menacing it minimally they're number one unlike any idol last that is in all that it's just an it roars and that he had in every theater and we go to U. And it and that was the one that really blew my mind when I saw the show on Broadway and then I love hearing that audience's reaction when they first. Realize what's on the their attack. That's the bigger reaction and then and then Tom Cruise Nancy Edwards had a top and pants maybe. I. Wow ethical and SE I know nothing about the writing of that piece and that's one of the things that you with learning to get a seat purely joking musical totally yet in the back stories. Sometimes really make it for you. All of that. That's play it warms your heart summit between you see it and when she's. There's a whole struggle match of everybody needs to write a song for dish around us and in bed ins 1650 Broadway the building where all the writers where cranking out songs left and right number one hit your goal was have a number went head. And am. Make a lot of money our money when you where you could mean and everybody. And that building was scrambling to write a song for this arouse and Carol McCain and Jerry often ended up rating Liu left me tomorrow. And it just it blows your mind when she she's in her house when she. First seized those lyrics for the first time put her malady and it was under crunch time they didn't know. They didn't know what what was gonna come of it Jerry her husband was working all day and comes back home and stays up on Knight writes that beautiful song guy. I'll also all my time that's amazing yeah I don't even know what it's like CB that create I I aide don't either. I can't imagine. How meticulous and must be and how much he can and Jerry got in deals with us alive and part of the struggle that she has with with her husband is. He sold last in in his creativity and wanting wanting to wanting it to be perfect. Minute and we on all of that. Art isn't and that's part of the beauty of it life isn't either and in fact it does not address right right exactly yeah and where imitating life and we can expect there are to be perfect either. Now that there is a drive for perfection and then our side affects you Alain you know in in its in choosing this as a career elect. Where you wind that was dancing from an early age and we striving to every step just right. That's an interesting question and. I. I don't know that I lies and I was writing about that this morning. I I don't know that I dying. My name looking at perfection and what I knew what I need to get done kind of started happening. Recently. Where I started thinking that whereas I comparing myself and wondering what perfection was and do I need to be that because the end of the day too sometimes art can become a commercial business and so. You have you do kind of active hold yourself to that standard but at the same time yet to realize that. Your imperfections are perfect. And it's okay. And as somebody else doesn't understand that that's probably on them but I remember being younger and thinking I just thought that this morning I was like all the this I was in Seoul in my head then and Ky I mean I remember being in high school to. And I was sent. I didn't over think all of that settlements. Now than that when I it but it's so easy to go there and things like I raved. I need to get. I need to have all of this lineup in order for it that end result to happen but that's like life to that's. Yet to expect the unexpected. They must be an important part of your life because when you're auditioning for shows out. They're looking for somebody to spot on and yet the character right for the part yourself right. As you and I have to tell you that one thing I do I have to be as prepared as I can be. And then from there everything's out of my hands if I ate. If I did every single if I did my best if I really really give my best and really. Worked hard to be spot on in the way that I think that they won in. Then. And I can't be. It's so easy to get trapped in the patent things like okay why. I didn't do that write it into this right ride and they want me and that when any 5% of the time they're. They just need something else or whatever it is an if if I didn't do everything that I couldn't control the situation and then. Then I can kind of get after myself a little bit yeah that if I did everything that I could've then. Have to let it go some rain isn't just we all do it if I can a great metaphor for life Diaz said is you can't control we cannot control all right he can't can you say at and we think you're facing mass every time you change shadows or do you sometimes get hired for shows is because you were for the people for you don't have to understand that. Sometimes happens that for the most part if this is your livelihood here and I dishing yeah every day how. Well you should dish it Howell and on OK I have just a couple more questions because honestly I could talk to you for an hour and yeah. So but let me just be aware of that time constraints on the idea I'd have to markers and so once I am curious about is. Leads you to stay healthy Alina because being a performer in using your whole body as your instrument unionized. Getting ill it just takes on a whole new meaning for. You know your life. Totally. And I think traveling to with this show is a big thing did you find different climates since that I was saying. That my dad was really Smart when temperatures have been on a sinus issues a few years ago. And he says I think you need to go to an allergist. And I dead. And that saved me and I have a great nose spray that they used that. Keeps me above pretty much any allergy that I come across which is really very nice and I can feel it I don't have that for awhile. It's strangeness and Regis yeah yeah finance. No it's konduz Celestine had to prescription okay and a man book. It is so good it may go to an allergist and ask really good for you wow so that really helps me I do a lot of BO. That keeps time. That he's being very very centered and present in the moment. And not so. Concerned with my past or my future because there's a can do about those things loss I ain't the past dirty half and the future I can't control. So. I can be is right here right now and it's so funny when I talk about it I come back like a man and just kind of drifted somewhere. So that's good for me I take voice lessons still to Skype with them with my teacher in New York long he had touch my technology that hasn't sent an aerial it'll all flat and then the food and all of that stuff then. I am I have a very fragile instrument some people aren't as fragile as I am so I have to makes Trace lethal and do you avoid dairy NL I people who Phillips in this building actually act and I do I aide I watched that a little bit. I asked so. I have. Yeah I have to I have to watch till I got to watch Cosby. Acid reflux is it's being asked to watch and a Latin crying. Kinda don't wanna take medicine for that if so I kind of try to do with my diet a little dance her nine. So my last question says I mean from my perspective I think beautiful to Carole King musical is for. People in families is of Ollie says I think it's really great time out and I'm just wondering is there anything that you want folks to narrow. About the show about the performances about the music about anything in particular. I I think people are gonna come and beef lord Andy they'll be floored by it the talent that's on stage just an individually as they are as human beings. He can't even believe that the sounds and the way that they Miki field come comes out of these vessels of of all of us and that their imitating. Your life in front of you. And what's even more amazing is that most of these people. Most of of them older age demographic vein they know who Carole King is. And I think it'll throw them on name when they learn even more about her because she's she's had such a sweet private person. And I think learning all of this awesome stuff. About. What she believes in and why. And how it happened for her to believe the things that she does and why she wrote the songs that she did. I think we're just four people and I ain't. And the songs are you can't beat that you cannot beat those sons and as they I didn't even now again yeah I didn't know that they Wear. That it was all written that way and tell I saw the show. And the suns themselves even on the radio or just enough by the original bands and they going to see opry created before you Israeli I asked him. Yeah yeah yeah there is so exciting people go NC beautiful of the Carole King musical it is fat bass concert hall right now through march 26 seeking gears ticket. At Broadway in Austin dot com we need do you go and take the whole family you're gonna see a lane and mills who is here for firing with a cell LA and I just have to say thank you so much for coming in because. And now your schedule is very hectic I appreciate it they keep adding me. It.