MAJIC Mornings Q&A with Ryan

Thursday, January 19th

Just for Fun Trivia....See if You can Win!


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After 955. Cloudy skies 53 I was really hoping for some sunshine today got to wait till tomorrow for that. Rain off and on through the day today's high 73 good morning watching him run important. Corey and so today's Q and eight men are more likely than women to put their blanket before their love life what do you think it has. I'm big prize digits rather walk away and sleep alone. I got bumped him at regular local level their belt they're quite a bra and it'll never eat well that's a great gas but it's not the oh thank you Corey hang up the dragon a Peabody party thank you you've got to vote by magic 955 what's your guess I can that your kid that. Did you saying you know what well absolutely what's your name. I had to hang up and try again Diana and artist. Magic 9550. That's. Print it and. All right Suzanne what are men more than likely than women to quit before their love lives put their job in front of. Their relationship are you married Suzanne I am. What is your husband deal he is that any contact your PC sometimes work more than he says. Okay okay okay okay if if it but you wouldn't say that he's having a love affair with his job now even park where they have to have the capital of unfair that says. I think it really has the end of the day. There's probably nobody that at the end of their life and says to themselves why I really wish I would have worked to more work more. You know early late. But according to this survey. Ask all the Americans. Put their careers before their love lives and you're a big winner that. We have our priority is less left up beltway I'm telling you what eighth. Lord if that much worse than women 53% of men have done it 48% of women admits putting has just cut. So bad you got a cheaper and amid a hook you up with a deep water horizon Blu-ray combo pack waited out. In a brand new gender wars coming up Mumford and sons Rowell and Kelly Clarkson on the wind gusts of your work place might not be dropped.