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Tuesday, January 17th

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Magic 955 we got cloudy skies 57 and now it looks like temperatures are gonna fall 56. Supposedly died today moved already surpassed in the upper sixties tomorrow sunshine and 76. By Thursday were guaranteed today's Q&A remember first shot to win every day happens at 645 today's question according to recent survey. What are you. More likely than women to do after performance review at work now and Trevor you take your job seriously right buddy you're meant. So if a man or a woman were to get a bad review what is what is likely to happen more so for guidance for a woman in your opinion. They got alluded cry. Thank you ever tried over performance review. Actually not over performance review right after three months there was a time where there was like hey. Kind of an emergency review they'll do a better night I definitely tried that. You take your job seriously and when they tell you that you're not performing. Your potential in her. First you absolutely yeah it couldn't have been killed there Travis you're not alone that's what she did go down I appreciate your honesty body well. Ever try your your big winner and I thank you so much. Absolutely so I've got a vouchers this is awesome it's good for one free adult spring classic to contemporary Austin art school crowd estimated at. Enjoy it Manny you have a great week OK. Definitely think he's got a brand new gender wars coming up call Linda played 730 Maroon 5 no doubt and Katy Perry underwent XJ hatfill here for.