Ryan Chats with Rick Springfield

Thursday, November 17th

Rick Springfield on Gender Wars? Say what?

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Eyes and 61 expect a high near 82 today for Rick Springfield joins us on a special celebrity gender war. Tennis special treat on gender wars today representing the ladies today. Welcome to the show Nicole came here I'm Nicole your opponent today representing the guys will be performing live at Paramount tomorrow night. Welcome to the show Rick Springfield. Thanks I think all what you know but at Rick we're gonna be playing for tickets to your show it's Nicole can teach you. She's not only going to the show what we're gonna sender backstage to hang out with you how does that sound but what are you sure of is this how this is gonna go Rick Springfield. Given a shot like seat solves. Trying to intricate and I'd like to meet him backstage to do so electable actually passed on you know. Q a with the meet and greet for yourself as well. Hostile folks are providing a solution torso with. Do we took three questions. Nicole you get the manly questions Ricky get the girly questions the best out of three wins in you each give ones grew so if you get stumped on a question you have the opportunity to pass one time only. To your opponent at the answer wrong you get an extra point of fact. I start with you Nicole question winding weird you fisherman keep their lures lines and books. And they're tackle must tackle box is correct. Well. The will go okay now let's kind of softball. Question number one name. For Rick Springfield what is the name of foreign napkin or a piece of fabric that you put on a baby while they're feeding quote. In theory is well this is there. A dyed using drugs rig that was your software so it's a did. All of that's true courage but I did not try to ultimately greater China don't. One nothing at Nicole's in the lead no points for Rick Springfield question number two Nicole what is the name given to someone who works with the band. And whose tasks include arranging transportation. And setting up equipment. It is literally a load he is to rags. Our world car. You don't have any road stories here you know pretty much nothing if not a little Villa on the road for forty years sort of know who wrote stories what sort of country and I can tell them called Rhodesia just like can tell us. You wouldn't be able to run for president anyway we say that right. All mark I don't know the first door wasn't born here a second of all Judy Shelton 2 o'clock. Shoot and nothing is this score she's just cleaning your clock question too for you Rick Springfield. What former miss world USA played the role of Wonder Woman on TV in the mid seventies there. Potter actress gestured at C case you Wonder Woman I would think you're restored to Wonder Woman and assembly session. Cool kinda dirt can you tell us about Linda Carter from the seventies well sure it pretty hard. And trying to get more traffic to score is 21 Nicole in the leave here's your third and final question Nicole a twist top lid on a beer bottle. Turns which way clockwise or counter clockwise. I didn't get a billet counter clockwise counterclockwise. Ed is right Pedro working or not weren't. 31 there's no way he can win this game Rick Springfield she cleaned your clock. Hard I don't get to meet her for you don't did you know Rick Springfield but the good news is well I. You'll be hanging out with this guy Friday night at the Fairmont he's got tickets to the shell and you get to hang out backstage wow I'm. And narrow you don't really try to do I really wanted to learn richt and trying to find an episode on YouTube where you are on Wonder Woman as we speak yeah. There are not out there. There are sure I don't from what took calls that we have to get a cover I opened up my live show where thus. Would like clip so you know me three years and one of them is actually meet jumping young but I Wonder Woman jumping economy immediately industries saying why do woman's. Do you cringe when you see yourself back down and. Well it wasn't my greatest acting moments thought it was just. Art if you really wanna shocked people at the Austin show you should come out you know like unit I don't know if you like shoot out on the floor or anything like that probably not the. Mr. Buchanan that they should we got us this good since. That I certainly don't say mistake and we showed over about we just try to a couple of truck. Well for pure shock value should shoot yourself out of the cannon in a Wonder Woman costume. I think its greatest idea I've ever heard still out and it's amazing band and a good bit senator played there since they're they're monsters and I were almost half less guaranteed. The cold Rick Springfield on the phone you wanna ask him anything. Does your parents who apparently. Russian history I'm afraid. Lynda Carter. Yeah no way before the crucial are real good shot that Nicklaus did the very loud tomorrow night Nicole lose your home gender wars magic bag backpack as you know there's a.