Ryan Chats with Tim Allen

Friday, September 7th

Comedian, actor, Tim Allen called into the Majic Mornings with Ryan show to chat about the Last Man Standing premiere on Fox and the making of Toy Story 4.

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Is this really Tim Allen deal last man standing. Yes it's really it's you know just search in my memory banks for the Austin trips. That's true but he's gonna do it. I can't even remember no one of my best friends. NFL player Doug English and history and we lived there. We visited I don't know why it related charity golf term it's an NFL or something just was amazed that they about a musical talent. In that town. It's a great place man. Secret. What we're looking forward to having you back and there are so many people that are anxious to see last man standing on fox. That would have been devastating to have that showed disappear. I you know but I I purchase it from people and and so on and so just of gratitude that people. That trance fitness and it just it didn't feel like you've done yet it did we have got sick from the can't rewrite the top of our raised it just seemed odd. More disturbed by it than angry hearing I didn't it was a good but I got it 200 employees and that's. You're doing really well as it would being where now with a network that loves us this act like new again and it's been a year later in the civil and stunt. At what point. Did you know that this was connect carry on on fox how what did that look like behind the scene here. I can't describe how surreal it was because. Some sources that fox is new high it's called me in the middle of I'd like Alaska the hospital room before he pulled the plug on the patient everybody else is stuck with it for a couple months and then he ended as a coaster year. I'm the last guy sitting in the chair next to the patient go and still. And then he viewed it pulled the plug for the patients still refuses expire. It right in there when I was trying to lose and I think this is done and I kept the stepped though. Meg back percent to buy. Daughter I would still that might have pot which operate at a big shop in your personal shooting blogs just for that element put it on YouTube. And I was I got a call from our considered one of the pirates in what would you think about coming to fox Merced. It would Italy's stance is what do I think about when you actually come back apart they're ruled. And cut Colin may get back in 24 hours and literally 24 hours to the minute I was traveling then it for a little scrum kicked at literate yet talk right now can you speak to. So and so it box and so they're secretaries I can't right now I'm just I'm the Tibet time. A playback while back that time for that person be back and forth through to a mostly try to just a quick email I'm back in. Mean in this had a Fox's speculated. Well then like I should. Back in all the way to put these wonderful covers a that's a classless I didn't sit well now there's a few things quickly we have to get the scenes set in the studio and and and within about. Three weeks you do a lot of pieces were in place before anybody do and I think we can go the extra gap we're worried and it's here and it's that I minimum asserted. Not about who the actors that fit that commitments sadly. The middle daughter Molly she couldn't get her out of the deal that she was in. And so it's been recast. Utley with another volley named Molly look what could she's fabulous and the hill goes on in most shows have done this before it's sad because her family and happy because now to give them. We're talking with Tim Allen who is gonna be live at bass concert hall coming up on Friday September 21 ten you've got the best TV wife ever what's it like working with Nancy Travis. I looked better they group we're ITV couple and that's a whole separate. Discussion but she's adorable. To look at what I learned she kisses will mrs. storms like it situated. Eight year old girl sometime says that or persons I'm looking across a two laps that are own jokes are lasted. Got to be at my jokes but she brings substance to that part it's just it's like keep reminding people that look at the show it's not a drama. We have to be funny at 22 minutes it never show that hasn't are going to be story and some more some resolution in 22 minutes. It's going to be just exhausting like feeding a beast howdy. I don't I can't explain it to people even the new actors are commodities survived it I didn't really get a chance to it's it's a sit com. And it's amazing that these writers and then made his first two shows. Literally of the best and I've been doing this for a long time these two I love a lot of other sitcoms from I like that shall bombs. I like. Newhart way back when there's a lot of succumb but I really like some I like out there just another done. I'd like somebody actors and in but I did show as we have a lot of experience to present this to the audience that's what we're all about. Last man standing you'll be able to see the first episode as it lives on fox Friday September 28 you don't want to miss it if you're near to the shell you have until the 28 to binge watched and get caught up. Now then let's move on to Toy Story 40 where are you gonna take this is India dad at this point. I can't tell you I can. If they don't it is that we just do enough first passage I've done my first full script read with character voice in there and picture and buses involved is huge and venture with woody and Bo peep and other characters debate you've made. Have seen in you may have not wonder what happened to them there's tourniquet to Abacha to characters a bunch of great new characters. It is a tremendous effort on to undeterred story for instance is wonderful. It's wonderful funny in the expansive and emotional and agenda get excited if you like toward story Pixar and Disney has done a tremendous job. So when you're doing it. Your party is buzz light year you don't really even know what you're working against you're just delivering your voice as you're interpreting it on a piece of paper. Doing them. Is it difficult task animation is this. Very strange animal could I do all all of a Stewart stopped ourselves. You read against somebody else between two windows it's that it's a specific discipline and you don't know what you're really do it. Save the new ones until they're getting very different I'm starting to see the movie. Already done and they're not done that they're structure Mexico Albright called it's not the finished product but try to troop looks good. When I first did Toy Story the first woman it was real permanently stick drawings talking to what is. My god it's almost done is no this is this is this is its literature culture looks good so. It's I look back at it and I said defected buzz light year as a as land. Albeit might stature as his biggest x.s. Would eat all the sudden I go doubted that there is due to open up Toy Story land it Walters do visit quite anxious statute so it's bigger than mine. I'm constantly making jokes about that. But overall the fact that it takes that I become buddies because of this and loved this movie but to see it part of you know I grew up on Mickey Mouse and Donald dot. And some alternate universe woody and buzz of that yes well that level they become those iconic parts of an American icon which civil does. Don't miss the premiere of last man standing on fox September 28 and be on the lookout for Toy Story four. What a pleasure thank you so much temp. I'll bet you you can cut that.