Ryan's RENT Interview with Cast Member Danny Kornfeld

Wednesday, September 27th

RENT 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR cast member, Danny Kornfeld, stopped by the Majic studios for an exclusive Q&A with some Majic listeners. Majic's own Ryan from Majic Mornings with Ryan also had a chance to sit down and chat with Danny.

Bass Concert Hall
October 13 – 15, 2017

Tickets on sale NOW!
In 1996, an original rock musical by a little-known composer opened on Broadway… and forever changed the landscape of American theatre. Two decades later, Jonathan Larson’s RENT continues to speak loudly and defiantly to audiences across generations and all over the world. And now, this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award®-winning masterpiece returns to the stage in a vibrant 20th anniversary touring production. A re-imagining of Puccini's La Bohème, RENT follows an unforgettable year in the lives of seven artists struggling to follow their dreams without selling out. With its inspiring message of joy and hope in the face of fear, this timeless celebration of friendship and creativity reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters—love.


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Thanks for joining us here this morning on magic 955. We are celebrating. The twentieth anniversary. Of Rand to it is coming to bass concert hall October 13 through the fifteenth Alexis Broadway in Austin. Presented by Texas performing arts. And my guest to this morning is Danny corn Feld who actually stars in the musical thanks for joining us here today things revenue. So Danny I mean right out of the gate just by looking at you where you would even alive in 1989. I was not alive in 1989. But the show open armed robbery in 1996. And it was actually the first Broadway musical that I ever saw. Your very first him what did dad do TO when you first saw rent. It was always something that I knew that I was gonna one day eventually do and specifically my character mark was always a roll but I went to play. And it was amazing I mean my name it my parents introduced me to the CD first. And it was the first soundtrack that I have ever listened to beginning to end and fully memorize the whole thing. And assists and became obsessed with it. This was. The be all and all of musicals it back in that timeframe. And it was unlike. Anything that anybody had ever seen before it left the audience in a completely different mood they weren't singing and dancing when they when the Iowa State. If it touched a whole different. Range of emotions yet I think. What rent succeed seduce to make people feel so. Empowered. And think positively about a generation which I think is really important right now. And it's. You look at peace group of people you look at these seven friends for a living in New York City at the head of the aids epidemic in the late eighties early ninety's and you you watched the relationships. Over the course of a year. And it's. You just wanna hang out with them they're people that you want in your life and you want to create a family like these people who aren't necessarily related by blood. But have chosen each other aspect. And what do you think it it was that. Or is that keeps people coming back year after year I mean this is twenty years and they didn't end. But what is it what is it that keeps people returning I think it's the fact that the story celebrates. Love and inclusive Eddie. And especially now. Where we are politically I think that anything that promotes celebration of what's unique and what's different and dominance. Will always remain timeless. And much specifically in the song the Veba OM which is that one finale and there is. It's of the book bowling no he not handle it's it's bow hands. It's an opera yet. How well that number specifically is it's the celebration of all these people who we would normally think of outcasts. Throughout society all these artists political figures. I'm creators composers. And it's. It's just incredible number that closes out the act that is celebrating all these people who would've normally be deemed as outsiders. Whom. Let's talk a little bit about the side because. Ranches that that the whole the whole set is completely different than any other but our question it's Grady. Yes it's very very very industrial I think we have three stainless steel tables we have this junk Scopes are Christmas tree. I'm scaffolding. It was bad in itself was very revolutionary team for people see when it first opened and even so now it's still it's a remains very different and that's aesthetic. We're talking we do any corner felt celebrating. Rents twentieth anniversary and appearing here. At best concert hall in Austin October 13 through the fifteenth. What you hope that the audience here in Austin hopes to get from the shop. I think it's really. Important for people to have a chance to unplug from their phones for two and a half hours and sift through and celebrate and share into this incredible story. Of low of and I think. I hope that I know for myself it opened up a lot of questions with my family I never seen an interracial couple I'll finish before I never seen a gay couple on stage. And the fact that like that opened the door to me it's just start conversation with my family. Who knows little too for someone my age who's in the audience so it's educating people yet. Yeah and it continues to do so it did and then installed us now. Let's talk about the music for little but yeah you have to have a favorite song personal. I think. While of I think levee go M again is it's just it's so much fun it's this it's a huge party. And what's great about the entire score is that it depicts all sorts of genres of music from rock and roll and gospel. On. Pop of the ninety's it's it's so eclectic and so unique. I'm yeah. So really into it if you haven't. Burke speaking to the people that have have never seen rent tore it even know the subject matter you. It doesn't really matter which your personal music taste is now kinda transcends the royalties as. Different genres you will find something and if you love and at the thing that's amazing that Jonathan Morris from the composer he created the show that truly every single song. It's a hit. Whether you know the show or not I'm sure more than one is gonna sound familiar to you. Tell us a little bit about. Your favorite scene yet so I can act to get by love it's the moment when. Everything's kind of fallen apart. And we've been following pace group of friends. And it's. It's just the moment where. Everything seems like. As its pending and that people are going their separate ways and so while it's not. My favorite in the sense. Oh this is really uplifting it was really fun to act every night. Once again we're celebrating the twentieth anniversary. Of rants appearing here at bass concert hall in Austin. Opening night is October 13 stick around for ticket information. And and we'll have that all four here on magic 955. Again I. And be going and speaking to people that may be have never been to a Broadway Show before. And there are listening to us right now they're like what is what is what is ran into what it's all about they're getting a little a little taste a little sneak peek into. What this musical celebrates. You know what would you tell. Our listeners why. Why rent why make this your first. Musical. I think. Friends it was was probably means he most. And packed full. And popular news that is a call back came out in the nineties. It was the be all it was it was video Orlando it was the Hamilton of the ninety's and limb on well the writer of Hamilton credits China Dumars and four. Influencing him it's important for people to know this was all that people were talking about yet and I think if you're gonna choose a musical. Have a beer first this is totally it because it's you get everything you want out of a story. You're gonna laugh they're gonna cry and you're gonna feel. So optimistic for the hope of humanity. And why would he when Sharon on that. What we can't thank you enough for joining us here and now. Dipping into. Dipping into the subject matter and and celebrating twenty years of of one of the greatest musicals of all time yet so Danny thanks again very much.