The message P!nk wrote to her husband on his birthday will make you cry

July 17, 2017

Sure, you get a card for your spouse's birthday but how often do you write what that person really means to you. Maybe, never? Whenever my husband asks me what I want for a special occasion my answer is always the same, a love letter. I've never gotten it but hope springs eternal. Read what Pink wrote to her husband for his 42nd birthday today.

@hartluck Happy Birthday My Love. The weight you carry and the strength you have has always fascinated me. What you've accomplished in your life (the impossible, many many times) and what you continue to do (invent, live, love, forgive, alchemize) is incredible. You, my dear, are incredible. You're gorgeous inside and out (we know) -you're the good egg that never cracks. We love you to the moon, the sun, we'd follow you anywhere. I wish you enough this year. Enough rain to be able to feel the sunshine. Enough laughter to make the tears not sting so bad. You're my grateful.

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Genuine, thoughtful, and heartfelt. Doesn't get any sweeter than that.