Wait, what?! Did I Just Announce I Have Got New Music for you!

Oh yes, she did!

August 23, 2017

She's been teasing us since last week when she wiped clean all of her social media and we were like, What. Is. Going. On. So when we weren't thinking about the solar eclipse, we were wondering what Taylor was up to. Then she started leaving us mysterious clues, deliberately making the anticipation torture!

Is it a dragon? Also, could be a snake? Speculation was rampant and people needed to know now! And #TS6IsComing was born.

The slow drip of information was definitely taking up valuable time in the day when we were supposed to be working and doing other stuff.

But, now we know what's what and tomorrow the wait will be over. Earlier today Taylor announced that she'll be releasing her new single tomorrow night at 11:01pm CST! And her new album, Reputation, will drop November 10th.

Time to take a deep breath, relax and get ready to enjoy.