When is Dave going to shave that beard?

February 1, 2018

Last summer Tom Brokaw asked Dave if something was nesting inside that beard of his. Totally legit question. That beard today is even longer and seems like a joke in and of itself. Clearly Letterman couldn't care less what everyone thinks of his appearance (and more power to him, btw) but we can still look at it and say, Ew.

Santa would be lucky to grow a beard like Dave's. It's super bushy and white. It looks itchy and it's a far cry from how we saw him on television every night for decades. He seems to have no plans to shave it and enjoys it as a talking point wherever he goes. Most women I know don't mind if a man has facial hair, but they are not at all into the hey-little-girl-come-sit-on-my-lap kind of beard. Because it's yucky.

I like Santa Dave, a lot. But I miss Clean-Shaven Dave. And I'm not the only one.

It really does age him. But, he doesn't care. Most guys when they change jobs or have a long vacation will quit shaving for a while, so I get that it's sort of a rebel without a cause kind of thing. But I really wish he would get inspired to pick up a razor and bring back our old friend looking handsome in this pic below with Julia.

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