Tom Brady Kissed His Son and the Internet Freaked Out

February 2, 2018

I'm not a Tom Brady fan. At all. I believe he and the Patriots are bigtime cheaters. And this internet documentary he put together to promote his awesomeness is not my cup of tea but I can't help notice it has put his family under scrutiny. People are always going to have opinions on what you show them. In one scene, Tom is getting a massage and his son comes in to give him a kiss. The internet feels this kiss took way too long.

Looks like the whole point was he wanted more than a peck. Duh. Affection between parents and their children is a good thing, but for some reason America gets weirded out by male affection in all its many forms. Sons and fathers kissing on the lips? No biggie. It's love. And it helps build self-esteem. I'd love to find fault with this because I'm usually annoyed at all things Tom Brady, but he just seems like a loving Daddy here.