Bradley Cooper at the Super Bowl last night was everything.

February 5, 2018

If you are feeling enormously satisfied with the outcome of last night's game, just think how Bradley Cooper must be feeling. The 43 year old actor was born and raised in Philadelphia and while he was in school he even worked at the Philadelphia Daily News. And last night his hometown pride was never more obvious.








Fun fact: Bradley was raised Roman Catholic so I'm betting a big prayer of thanks was floating up to the heavens in that last frame. I enjoyed the game, too, but it was hella fun watching Bradley Cooper every time the camera landed on him. Especially when you consider, out of everyone seated in his fancy-pants luxury box, he was the most interested in what was happening on the field. If you're happy for the Eagles, or even happier about the Patriots demise, just imagine the cloud of euphoria Bradley's walking on today.