Have you got a tattoo you regret? So does Jennifer.

February 26, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence calls herself a middle school drop out, but she doesn't regret that because it enabled her to have the career she has today. She was on 60 Minutes yesterday talking about her new movie and how she got into acting. What she does regret is a tattoo she got at the same time her friends were getting one.

You gotta love her self-deprecating honesty. Most tattoos I see in a day are ridiculous, but I come across few people willing to admit they made a silly choice that's going to be stuck on them for life. The whole interview with Jennifer is pretty interesting. I had heard she never had any acting training and it's actually true. 

This really makes me want to meet her parents. Not only did they let her drop out of school, but they allowed her to live in NYC with her 18 year old brother when she was only 14. Can you imagine what that was like??! Her parents must not be natural-born worriers because who could have survived that. I would have gladly skipped middle or high school to pursue acting, but I wouldn't exchange my college years for anything. In truth, I'd go back to college tomorrow if they'd let me.Wouldn't you?

The full interview is really worth watching if you have 15 minutes to kill; you can see it here.