This is what 47 year old Kevin Smith was thinking when he almost died of a heart attack.

February 27, 2018

Kevin Smith had a massive heart attack earlier this week and it totally caught him off guard. Had he not reacted as quickly as he did, the doctor said he would not have made it. He's 47 years old, married and has an 18 year old daughter.

It's no secret he has struggled with his weight and you may recall he was very open about how humiliated he felt in 2010 when a pilot kicked him off a Southwest Airlines flight because "he was too fat to fly." (The airline was horrified and issued multiple apologies). That event motivated him to drop a lot of pounds which reduces the risk of a heart attack, but his father died of a massive heart attack so genetics have an impact as well. Kevin is still recovering in hospital but already posted this video about his frightening experience.

Is it kind of shocking to you that he's speaking so openly so soon after this experience? Physical recovery aside, he must also be processing a huge spectrum of emotion. I've always found him to be pretty funny, but his creativity and honesty is what makes him more interesting to me. Did you know that he made a documentary for Prince? And at Prince's request no less. He talks about it here in detail. This video seems long, but if you watch you'll be so engrossed in the tale you won't even notice.