What do you think is in Ryan's lunch box?

July 20, 2016

First of all, yes, that really is what Ryan's lunchbox looks like. Second, his lunch was delicious! I know cuz I ate it (he said I could so it's okay). I'm telling you, he's one lucky guy because everyday his lovely wife, Alycia, packs a sweet little lunch for Ryan to take to work with him. My favorite thing is that his lunch looks like something you would find in a time capsule from a kid who was in the fourth grade in 1982. I took a picture while I was eating so you could see!

Baloney sandwich on white, Lay's potato chips complete with dip, a fresh peach, a napkin, and Little Debbie's for desert cuz who doesn't love Little Debbie?! I think it must be nice to have a wife. My husband says it's really nice.