Austin Resource Recovery

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Don't Toss Your Tree! Recycle It!

When you’re done w/ your Christmas Tree ... Don't Toss it! Give your Tree another Life by Recycling it! Austin Resource Recovery make it easy for you!
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ARR Aims to 'Untangle ATX'! Reduce Recycling Contamination

Austin Resource Recovery / City of Austin aims to “Untangle ATX”! Get the word out about reducing recycling contamination!
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The City of Austin wants to know what you think about plastic bags

The City of Austin's Goa l is to be a #ZeroWasteCity by 2040! This means reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90 percent. Over 5 years ago, Austin put a ban on single use plastic shopping bags. It's pretty noticeable how much cleaner parking lots, parks and many other places were in...
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