The Bachelorette

Finally Figured Out Why Chad is so Angry All The Time

This is something I completely forgot about, but a while ago Angry Chad confessed to JoJo on The Bachelorette that he lost his mother 6 months ago. He's clearly still in the grieving process and not coping well. Being on this show in the best of circumstances would be tough, but doing it while...
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Can You Tell If He's Using Steroids Just by Looking?

'Angry Chad' is possibly the sexiest, most well-built guy in the house. He's also the most judgemental and irritable, so the boys put two and two together and cameup with steroids. But, can you really tell just by looking? He doesn't look like a Mr. Universe, so how do you know he's not just a stud...
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JoJo's Big Mistake on The Bachelorette

Best part of The Bachelorette last night was when the boys who didn't get the first impression rose were consoling themselves saying, 'Well, Olivia got the first impression rose and ended up alone on an island.' They have a point. But JoJo's crucial error was wasting her last rose on the Canadian...
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