Bad Date

UPDATE: Guy Who Sued Date for Texting Gets His Money Back

Remember the guy who sued his date because she was texting during Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 ? Well, the case has been closed and 37-year-old, who may never get a date again, got his $17.31 back. The news magazine show Inside Edition reunited the pair in an effort to put an end to the...
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Woman using her phone in a theater while a young man sitting behind her look on.

Guy Sues His Date for Texting in a Movie Theater

A local 37-year-old man is suing a woman he went out on a date with for less than $20. So is this just the case of a bitter guy who's apparently had his first bad date? Kind of sounds that way. Brandon Vezmar wants to recoup the $17.31 movie tickets he paid for because he claims his date, 15...
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