Another pointless zoom meeting

Austin Halloween Backgrounds for your next Zoom Meeting

Austin thmed Halloween backgrounds for you next Zoom Meeting
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pumpkin wearing a mask

Lakeway's Drive Thru Boo!

This year the City of Lakeway is hosting a free Drive Thru Boo! October 30th from 7p - 8:30p with candy and goodies. Start at the Lakeway Police Station, head to the Lakeway Activity Center and end at City Hall.
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Ariana's super-creepy Twilight Zone costume wins Halloween

It's the most creative costume I've seen so far and what makes it even better is that it's so unexpected coming from Ariana Grande. The Twilight Zone has been freaking people out since the 60's and Ariana is ready to introduce it to a new generation with her take on the episode called Eye of the...
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Happy Halloween Eco-Friendly Things for 2019

Happy Halloween Eco-Friendly Things for 2019. Tricks & Treats & More!
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Petition to Change The Day of Halloween

No, Halloween is on October 31st. Always has been, always will be.
74% (14 votes)
Yes, There's no longer a reason to stick with a specific date, let's move it to Saturday instead.
26% (5 votes)
Total votes: 19
There's a petiton online to move Halloween from Octover 31 to the last Saturday in October. Some claim that the move would make Halloween safer for children. Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October?
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Jamie Lee Curtis

'Halloween' Becomes The Top Slasher Film Of All Time

Michael Myers has made more money than both Freddy and Jason
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Jimmy Kimmel appears during 68th Emmy Awards

Watch Kids Get Told Their Parents Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel is back with his annual Halloween prank.
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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Goes Green, And All The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

From "The Swamp" to Wakanda and everywhere in-between
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A Sweet Solution for Leftover Halloween Candy

Coming down from the Halloween Sugar High! You realize the mother-load of candy the kiddos got (you got), that there's no way you will eat it all. No worries. Don't throw the candy away. Recycling is a Sweet Solution for leftover candy. It's a 1THING you can share w/ others, and keep Mama Earth...
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'Today' And 'Good Morning America' Battle For The Best 80's Costumes On Halloween

Who wore in better? Michael Strahan as Mr. T or Al Roker as Doc Brown?
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