Harvard Will Hold All Classes Remotely for 2020-21 School Year With No Change in Tuition

Students at Harvard University will be feeling the effects of coronavirus going into the fall semester as the Ivy League school announced that all of its classes would be held remotely. Read more now.
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Harvard Creates Color-Coded Real-Time COVID-19 Map

Harvard University has released a new interactive map with live time data intended to help the public and policymakers assess the threat or risk level of COVID-19 in their communities.
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Researchers Warn Americans Might Have to Social Distance Until 2022

If a coronavirus vaccine isn’t quickly made available for Americans, people may have to social distance until 2022, according to a new study.
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Why Your hair Turns Gray

Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Your Hair Turns Gray

Gray Hair, Harvard Univercity, Stress
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What makes people who are always late different?

According to a study out of Harvard Medical School, people who are always running late tend to be HAPPIER and HEALTHIER than the rest of us. And they live longer too . . . so apparently they're even late when it comes to dying. Why is being late so mentally healthy? The researchers say it's because...
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