Planters Is Launching 4 New Flavors of Cheez Balls

Planters has unveiled four new flavors of Cheez Balls. The brand now offers White Cheedar, Nacho, Jalapeno Cheddar and Blazin’ Hot Cheez Balls. This is the first time the brand had upgraded the popular treat.
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Planters Shocks Fans With Baby Nut Reveal During Super Bowl

As we mourned the iconic Planters snack mascot, a miracle happened. Mr. Peanut is back! Back in January, we found out that Mr. Peanut died at the age of 104, but the company’s Super Bowl advertisement brought him back to life, reported Huffington Post . The new commercial sets the scene at Mr...
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Planters says their mascot MR. PEANUT died in a car accident???

Planters, Mr. Peanut, Emotional Support, Super Bowl Parties
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Planters Kills Mascot Mr. Peanut

Planters has done the unthinkable — they’ve killed off their mascot Mr. Peanut! In a pre-Super Bowl ad, the 104-year-old Mr. Peanut is driving the NUTmobile with actor/comedian Matt Walsh and action star Wesley Snipes when the old legume is forced to swerve off the road. The trio jump out of the...
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I'm not sure this is a celebrity endorsement that's going to sell basketball shoes . . . but maybe it's strange enough to get people interested?

There's a new line of basketball shoes coming out from . . . MR. PEANUT. Video of Mr. Peanut's Crunch Force 1 by Planters The shoes are called "Crunch Force 1" and they're blue, yellow, and black . . . with Mr. Peanut's face on the tongue and the word "Planters" on the heel. So if you're...
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