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Easy Ideas for Cooking at Home from Majic Mornings with Ryan

So you are staying home with your family and being safe.  Why not use the time to cook some delish dinners together and enjoy family around the dinner table?  Try any of my daily recipes tonight and make some memories in your home.  

Easy Dinner Recipe

Ryan's Recipe Of The Day...Smoked Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo...YUMMY!

Spicy Gumbo is always a crowd pleaser. Try this one made easy at your home.
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Ryan's Recipes: Beef....It's what's for dinner.

Goulash is simple, tasty and really fun to say!!!!
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Ground Turkey

Ryan's Recipes: Try this easy to make skillet for dinner with your family tonight.

This one is so easy to make.
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Ryan's Recipes: Try this in your slow cooker tonight!

This is great for the entire Family and a breeze in your Crockpot!
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