Christmas 2020: Prepare for 'contactless Santa'

What role will — or can — Santa play in 2020, with a pandemic still glowing as intensely as Rudolph the reindeer’s nose? A firm that provides Santas has some ideas.
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The "Four-Gift Rule" Could Save You a Ton of Time and Money

FULL STORY: If you've got kids and want to save time and money, there's a holiday hack called the Four-Gift Rule. And a lot of parents swear by it.

Basically, you just limit each kid to four gifts. But not just random gifts... To learn about the specific details, listen to my Top 3 audio segment below, "Four-Gift Rule." Anyone who's done it will tell you it saves a lot of money. And as a bonus, you don't have to spend as much time shopping...
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Help Your Child Create the Perfect Letter For Santa

Do you have a child looking to address a letter to the North Pole?
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