Selma Blair

Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Geller Share Photos From Mini-'Cruel Intentions' Reunion

It’s been a great week for classic ‘90s TV shows and movies. In addition to the ‘Friends’ unscripted reunion coming to HBO Max, Selma Blair reunited with her ‘Cruel Intentions’ co-star Sarah Michelle Geller and the film’s director. Read more now.
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Selma Blair Gets Candid About MS Battle in Emotional Instagram Post

Selma Blair gave an update on her health struggles during her ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis. The actress shared a close-up photo of herself in the fetal position and disclosed “feeling alone and vulnerable and scared” as she described what she has been going through recently. View this...
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Would you trust your 7 year-old son to buzz cut your hair? Selma Blair did.

Selma Blair's son must really be quite a lil' fella. As she continues to so openly share her daily stuggles, Selma just shared a photo that probably frighten most mothers were they in the same position. She decided to go super short with her do -- perhaps because it's easier to maintain, perhaps...
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