Tom Cruise


It's Been 15 Years Since Tom Cruise Jumped the Couch While Oprah Watched in Disbelief

Hard to believe but it's been 15 years since Tom Cruise jumped Oprah's couch and his public image sank like the Titanic.
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TAKE THE POLL: Who would win if Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber fought UFC style?

When I saw this on twitter I thought it was a joke, of course. And I thought any moment now we're all going to learn that Justin Bieber's account was hacked and someone played a prank on him. But here we are in the clear light of day and no such statement has been issued. Which got me thinking ---...
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Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a Fight, Rethinks After Realizing He’s 'Pushin 60'

Conor McGregor was ready too
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