Hoping for a Yes? Cory Booker asked out Mindy Kaling over Twitter.

If you don't keep up with the Mindy Project a recent episode had a little fun with Newark and Cory Booker, suggesting he might love Newark as much as the rest of us. Mindy's character, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, was at a party and said, "Cory Booker is here? I can't believe he came. I guess anything to get...
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This Cat That Looks Like Friends' Ross Gellar Takes the Internet by Storm

It may have taken the internet a few weeks, but they’ve finally solved one of life's greatest mysteries. This cat, which took Twitter by storm earlier this winter, looks just like the character from Friends, Ross Gellar.Wait. So this is REALLY a thing? Yes. Yes it is. So Twitter user wtrprks posted...
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Drink Up! It's National Margarita Day

Drink up! It’s National Margarita Day.Did you know you can vote for your favorite margarita? Is it the High Plains, Pacific Rim, Tropicante, Tiki Rita, English Garden, Mumbai, or the Coralina Margarita?Send us a tweet! Head on over to Twitter using the #InternationalMargaritaDay and let us know...
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