Where Were You?


Sunday 9/11/16 is the 15th Anniversary for remembering those who lost their lives and let their Legacy Live on Today, Tomorrow & Forever!  #HONOR911  #911MEMORIAL  Local ATX events happening on Sunday. Click here. Find out about the live streaming 15th Anniversary 911 Remembrance Ceremony in NYC, the 9/11 Memorial, donations and more on www.911memorial.org 

Where were you 15 years ago when the 9/11 attacks happened? Click here to share on the Majic FB page! 

Juliet / Majic's Afternoon Drive 2p-6p :

I was living in Manhattan and had just arrived at work with a box of Dunkin Donuts to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. I was standing in her office when we noticed people running down the hall to the conference room. The TV was on, the first building had been hit and as we watched, we witnessed the second plane hit. We sat there stunned watching the towers burn and ultimately crumble. Everything stopped. No one knew what to do. I finally thought to call my parents who had been frantically trying to get through to me – they didn’t know my office address, but at 38th & Madison I was safe. Walking home there were no cars or taxis on the streets. None. I saw a few people walking like me and noticed they kept stopping after every few steps and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I looked up and saw an enormous plume of thick, black smoke that seemed to rise from the very end of Madison Avenue. An incredible contrast to the gorgeous blue of the sky that day. #wherewereyou